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4 months ago
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  • @johnnyjust1k - saucemaster3000

    Why you want to fukk me

  • @real_ehab

    Uzi: whuhhh meeehh, yuhhh ayeee.....

  • @staydwnty

    I don't really care if she cryyy should've so the way she look me in my eye lol

  • @chopperkidd

    Let lil Uzi show you his lil Uzi

  • @black_dice99 - |F|N فطر الدين😉🖤🖤😜👅💦😈

    Why is she looking at him funny?

  • @gamalieljm - GAM$

    Well you see girl I might be 5 feet but I got sum packin for you so why don't we go to my place

  • @dont_worrykeepit_movin - Getting To The Money

    He doesn't want a lap dance

  • @kane_rohrer

    I am lil uzi

  • @just.esteban - stevythelegend🦋🏝🖤💎🎧

    yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah aye hoo gah damn uh yah yah yah yah yah yah yah lil wuh? hee yeah! i love you uzi

  • @mr_focus100 - 💪🏿Selfmade! South LDN

    "You was right i was wrong"

  • @jerrychambers4real - NV_ME

    Who me? I swear to god i didnt slap ur butt!

  • @_wardryan

    When she says you're the father

  • @laajayda - laajayda🖖🖤

    Uzi "I got the same outfit at home"

  • @mrcolbert907 - Mr Colbert

    I'm not gay.

  • @sochrispcutz - Chris Pinkard

    I thought i could grab the booty my bad

  • @leosandlions - Casey Thompson

    You want meee... to find out who cut the legs out yo pantyhose???

  • @p4ige83_ - Duane Paige

    You do me first

  • @bobbyv203 - BohB

    "Do you kno who I am" - @itsbizkit

  • @wokekenjin - Steven | SVP Gang Nig

    Who? me?

  • @ms_understood2k1 - ♐Ms.Understood 👑

    You seem familiar,

  • @_f.manu_ - AJ Manu

    But all my friends are dead

  • @craiglovelee - Craaig<3 Lee


  • @justdoindiggs - K. Digg$

    Who gay?

  • @moebitkhes - TrollKillAh

    Can I wear that after you

  • @hrand0 - hrandink

    Me...the world is mine

  • @sdotwreezy - Sdot

    Ain't that Trina

  • @iam_lwazi - Lwazi Tshikila

    Me? Cuffed? Who told you that??

  • @eastcoast_gbodys - SsChaz

    Uzi you ain't pay me last time and you nutted on my face...🤔

  • @dedrictheentertainer - Dedric Johnson

    "Uhm yeah"

  • @gmgb.andy - Andy Hernandez😈🍇 | 5'9"™

    "im playing games?"

  • @johnny214roder - Johnny

    "Giirrlllll I got that same bathing suit"

  • @nicolethemystic - Nicole The Mystic✨🧞‍♀️

    "Oh you thought I was gonna pay for your tuition?????"

  • @diaabjabriel

    " so you want me to pay you for something I get for free "

  • @freefxrm - AUDIO DOPE DEALER

    "You thought I loved you 🤔🤔"

  • @cialarsh - Cía Larsh-Felicìano


  • @thrivvinn

    Lil cuchi squirt!! Squirt squirt

  • @pistolboy - 🅿i💲✝🏀l🅱🎯y💤🔫

    "What you mean you don't like girls"

  • @darkk3ntdanger - DisposableHero Smith

    Well, I didn't wanna interrupt that lap dance and hand job while we were in the club. You put so much effort into it, IT WAS GREAT!....but I can't go back to Chicago without telling you what I initially came to the ATL to tell you...... ummm.... I'SYO PAPPY!

  • @shotime_tone

    I know you took my bag

  • @majorxbeauty

    Her:" why you ain't tell me you was coming up here?" Uzi:"it do not matter".... Lol

  • @lackladdy - Lack Lacker

    "Ooooooo how i get my butt like that girl."?

  • @strugglelifedutch - STRUGGLE LIFE™- The Movement

    Him : I mean low key low key

  • @laprieta_16_ - Nando®🃏🎀Moño Klutch


  • @its.bryc3 - Bryce Jamal ™

    Him:your fw me fr her:well I want you to bust an Uzi in my couchie

  • @ncredible_________ - Nick Williams 😈👏🏽👏🏽

    You sure you pregnant 🤷‍️

  • @rayray9698 - Rachel

    Me baby ? Awe naw I'm not like the rest

  • @bitcoin.bae - DWHITE DIAMOND

    You will do what for #bitcoin

  • @nickname.spitgame - NIGGARICAN 👁️

    You pregnant by me???

  • @teddystarks_ - Teddy Starks

    "Ohhh u thought i liked girlss!??" Lmaoo

  • @hennynox - Henny Zee

    @nickname.spitgame lol

  • @dwill_35 - domoe

    "Girl you thought i was gay? Noooo i just have all sisters thats all"

  • @_.ty_god._

    "How you get your edges like that?"

  • @lindellcollinsjr - Lindell Collins Jr 🉐

    She said she like boys. I'm like "ME TOO"

  • @jemhore_ - Jemone Barclay

    I told you that i was gonna pay child support

  • @deez126 - wDEEZradio

    I'm not SUPERMAN .. Someone chasing you ? What do you mean SAVE YOU...

  • @lance_billings9 - Lance Billings II

    "You do realize all my friends are dead right ? "

  • @anatoli_cernei17 - Tony

    "I want her back"

  • @dubc73 - Louisiana Wildcat

    "You want me to get on the pole?" Hold my drank...

  • @j_harkey - J Harkey

    My chocker is tighter then yours

  • @that_wayyy1 - In A Relationship

    Her: why u ain't call Him: I gotta girl I told u tht

  • @extinguishergraffiti - EXTINGUISHER GRAFFITI

    "Sorry but I'm gay"

  • @slickest.rick - Rick Kavanaugh

    I only need 5 minutes

  • @kellllykellz - Kellz

    got any spare change?

  • @deezysel - Deezy🔥🍆⛄️

    Who is the girl anyone know

  • @bigdaddytimmy_242 - Timothy🇧🇸🤴🏾

    Sorry you on the wrong tree 🤣

  • @kimberlykeeps - KimPossibly

    welcome to my world

  • @jayallday97 - Jay 👽

    "Why you all up in my face like you ain't try to swerve me"

  • @melos_faded - Melo Mendez

    I’m gay

  • @eliseo73 - Eliseo Verdusco III

    I don't really care if you cry.

  • @dom.hernandezz - Dominic Hernandez

    I have that same outfit girl

  • @dakiddurrty - Durrty D - Rockboi/Thizz Ent

    U really gonna let me borrow ur dress

  • @j1_sauce_ - 💵JaJuan♻Lamarr💰Born👊Leader

    so can you Buy me what i want

  • @vishmeister

    @bigdaddytimmy_242 lmaoooooo dead

  • @solodolosadmon

    Soooo your names Brittany

  • @im_just_dat_fly_azz_leo - ♛★(Pablo♛Chacon)★♛

    "Girrrrl yes he did "

  • @seanhegedus - Sean Hegedus

    Her: It's your baby Frank

  • @l_costa23 - Lucas Costello

    "Girl How can I even be the father I like kissing yatchy"

  • @thedarkskindrake - John Muhammad

    I met a thot thot off your page that drop drop a whole doo doo stain in my bed.

  • @isgmidnite - 🍯🌙MidNite🌙🍯

    "No im gay"

  • @_raymond187_ - ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🅡🅐🅨🅜🅞🅝🅓⁶𓅓

    "Came outta nowhere Got my bands up now they notice me"

  • @xv_kosher - Melly Kosher

    "I can drive!"

  • @_yaeyo_ - D👁PÊ

    " I got the same outfit "

  • @onewaydjday - Onewaydjday

    Met her today she talked to me like she knew me

  • @mrwes19 - Mr. Wes

    "Baby I'm gay, no really". " I love guys" can't you tell?

  • @jaajsajaa305 - jaajsajaa305

    You breakin up with M E are you nuts put yo clothes and lez go do the nastee'ME b4 I get wild thoughts up in hear...

  • @jaajsajaa305 - jaajsajaa305

    Right hear yes I will made it..

  • @og.prettycee - Payola💰

    "You said you was gonna throw 100k"

  • @therealamauri_ - Amauri2️⃣Litt 🤘🏽🔥

    " Is That Real Or Na "

  • @ebk_dom - Fúçk3d ùp

    When she done fuxked all your homies and she ask if you wanna be next

  • @g2maximum - G. I. Max

    Do you like men or women be honest

  • @reekwess - ENG

    i like clothes

  • @paul_gee_ - PAUL GEE

  • @juncodec - Blvck x Grey

    Hey thats DOPE!

  • @official_lilbenjii - LIL BENJI💸

    All My Fans Go On my Page && here my freestyle, link in my bio first 2,000 +plays by today I'm giving out 2,000 cash back

  • @chefcjxnes - Christian

    Huh what?

  • @kingdezz_100 - Dee

    I definitely want a dance today I got a lil occupied last time

  • @iamkvngjosh - Wreckless

    I can't have no wife you look like you want this for life

  • @uckyo3xcuses - Tavion Rahmo'n Hill

    Sorry mame i thought you were a sir refund please

  • @jay_cavalieri_ - Rhs'19🍀

    Get them cheeks boi

  • @kayden_c_t - Og_baller_🏀🏀_2009👑...🏀♎️

    When ever you see your x

  • @thatsnali - No Smoke, No Smoke🖤😈🤛🏽

    "Met . Her. Today 🤷‍️, she talk to me like she knew me"

  • @redneck_deluxe93 - Dany Germain

    Ahhh boo i got the in green

  • @redneck_deluxe93 - Dany Germain


  • @its_blake9 - Blake

    She bad af he better B on that

  • @shesneadsum_luv - Elijah Snead

    "Brittney" oh who dat? I don't know any Brittney's sweet thang

  • @_nolbeech_ - Nolan Beecher


  • @anthony_cornell17 - 🇦⚫🇨

    Lil uzi meets big booty Judy

  • @jon_jon_777 - jonathan cochran

    It's my baby fr

  • @n.k.o.s.i.i - Jabari F.

    He's like "I stink" bit@h you stink🤷‍️

  • @big.bro_joe

    When the thick girl in school ask for sumthin

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