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Shane Tripucka
2 months ago
@shanetrip Instagram photos and videos She finally got to see for herself how little I actually do at practice

  • @mchammer8 - Maggie Bryant

  • @tannerdevinny8 - Tanner DeVinny

    And how little your pants are.

  • @aggiescfb - Texas A&M

    Kick them 80 yards

  • @shanetrip - Shane Tripucka

    @tannerdevinny8 and how little what's in your pants is

  • @daniel_lacamera - Daniel LaCamera

    Nice bulge

  • @tdevinny1 - Tucker DeVinny

    Did they have adult sizes in pants or do you like wearing youth mediums?

  • @k_dog002 - Kevin Gentry

    Have a great season

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Water bottle showers never get old! AGS WIN! Extremely proud of these guys, great team win!!!

@shanetrip 4

She looks a lot better in 18 than I do...AGS WIN

@shanetrip 1

Happy Birthday to my brother, snapper, and future partner for dancing with the stars (obviously). Proud of this dude!

@shanetrip 11

This girl traveled 1500 miles along with my family just to come see me play a football game...couldn't ask for anything more, I have the most amazing girlfriend and family anyone could ask for

@shanetrip 3

So happy for my brother @austinfrey55 for being put on scholarship today! Overdue but better late than never! Proud of this dude, congrats bud!

@shanetrip 4

She finally got to see for herself how little I actually do at practice

@shanetrip 7

I think I'm smart now....finally a grad of the greatest university on earth! WHOOP!

@shanetrip 4

2017 Specialists Open standings before today's 3rd round. I imploded today.

@shanetrip 2

Working on my karate kicks at practice

@shanetrip 1

I am dad and these are my specialist children

@shanetrip 7

Conclusion: Texas is very hot and she is too

@shanetrip 2