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  • @hectorthehero8 - HTH8

    2k25: 105 OVR

  • @velvethoop35

    @richieloading @zo seems about right

  • @mitchell_rauma - Mitchell Rauma


  • @vick.rm - victor

    HA NO

  • @mohammadfarukh_ - 💞

    Calm down

  • @benswiecicki - Ben Swiecicki🍍🇮🇹🍝ICKY GANG

    This dude busted a nut while makin this

  • @bigwristwatch - SF Bay Area

    Y'all sucking his dick so hard. Dude has not even played a NBA game yet. Make sure you lick his balls while your at it.

  • @drippycharv13 - 💯💯💯💯 ballislife #2

    Nah he hasn't played against one all star or elite player he need to show what he can do

  • @mikewins29 - West Brook

    More like 80 this first month and by the end of the year 71 rating by the time 2k25 comes out he'll be playing over seas

  • @montague5028 - Dame_Bama

    2k 19 he'll be an 85 starting off

  • @kingj_2k - KingJ

    He never be a 96 i think

  • @andreavavassori98 - -VAVA-19-

    2k19 rating:72

  • @andreavavassori98 - -VAVA-19-

    2k20 rating:70

  • @andreavavassori98 - -VAVA-19-

    2k21 rating:65 d league player

  • @forever_king92 - Rodney Cole

    Let him play a playoff game first

  • @nick.winkle.21 - Nick

    He won't be in the league that long. 4 years and he's in the D league or play euro ball

  • @w.gagnon86 - William Gagnon


  • @atlkory_ - (❤️🏀)1572Forever


  • @ballcanball - Lonzo Ball

    U guys dont understand tht I didnt make this

  • @santanamcmxciii - $antana BinLaden.

    @nick.winkle.21 you must not watch basketball?

  • @nick.winkle.21 - Nick

    I do. And Lonzo is one of the most overrated players Iv seen. @boogie93_

  • @lucas_sandrade - Lucas Andrade

    Chill out

  • @phenomamerica_houston - Phenomamerica_Houston

    nice keep up the good work

  • @bishimsippintea - Mac🦋

    This so funny

  • @yb_marvin - Marvin Alexander McQueen III


  • @n._piou - Νίκος Α.


  • @lit.2kmemes - Fresh NBA Memes

    Makes sense

  • @lit.2kmemes - Fresh NBA Memes

    Dang so many haters. I remember when this exact hate came towards Stephen curry, look where he at.

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