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5 months ago
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  • @djzone3atl

  • @jam2_jack3 - J. L. Jackson

    Burn em. Better stay ready cause them muafuqas coming back with guns and it won't be so funny then.

  • @cjoncooks - Florence's Daughter

    You always need a few like this gentleman on your team.

  • @kobe_8506

    Who nailed that poor old man in the nuts with that flower

  • @rickrockbeats - RICKROCK

    Fasho fasho

  • @manwithaplan83 - Marco Ortiz Jr.

    I'd buy him a beer!

  • @terpmarkethollywood - #TopShelfThursdays #TMH


  • @rob.c.n - Cali Ripken Jr.

    @kobe_8506 I thought the same thing

  • @_edzel - ShortStrawz

    Hell yea 🤘we need more of this

  • @syl_noir - Syl_Noir

  • @diaanimedia - Dennis of Dia'ani Media

    @jam7_jack5 they had guns, cops, and the national guard for protection and we still shut the city down...no worries

  • @adam81houdini - Adam81Houdini

    You can't fight violence with violence. You can't fight hate with hate. Only breeds more violence and hate. Its a double negative.

  • @sackkmoney - Shannon Johnson

  • @sieraoversociety - 𝒮𝒾𝑒𝓇𝒶 𝐿𝒶𝓈𝒽𝑒𝓁𝓁


  • @power_struck - Stuart T Neely I

    One Black Man, and all of those fuckin inbred hicks, are standing back scared. If we only realized, that it doesn't take much for us to overcome these losers.

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @adam81houdini defend yourself at all times and by any means!!

  • @worldwide_santos - Diamond

    When black go take that stance and ride for there kind like the ... !!! ???🤔

  • @berlin_v88 - Berlin Vincent

    @berly.vincent88 lol

  • @kirkkoblam - stevie wonderful

    Need a bigger spray can

  • @berly.vincent88 - Berly Vincent

    @berlin_v88 🤣🤣🤣

  • @bnigro8781 - bnigro8781


  • @intheheadlines - IntheHeadlines 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


  • @diogonerididi - 71060 Neri®

    Fckng yeahh

  • @sliimmgoodii - 💋SliimmGoodii💋 Ms.Bellamy


  • @nathannsmith_ - Nathan Smith

    Lol sometimes if u do that the fire will travel into the can and expload your hand off but racism needs to stop

  • @bigrobsmusic - RAPHIPHOPFUNK

    Why does the old white dude have a flower penis? LOL

  • @iambigcoz - BigCoz

  • @iggypopsgdp - Dj ignite


  • @extrodinar - KJ

    Real spill

  • @shiggity42 - O.Ne Raised 🌴SoCal livin🌴

    All bad right now. #45 didn't even condemn them smh not that I'm surprised, just shows how many years we've been set back

  • @swimyoko


  • @mikebigg - Celestiol Beings

    F.cking right!

  • @thedarkskindrake - John Muhammad

    I met a thot thot off your page that drop drop a whole doo doo stain in my bed.

  • @nikkie_1687

  • @shesgotmoxy - K.Sam Aka Yaa

    How about we address him as a man... Not a nigga

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @shesgotmoxy choose your words.

  • @osotyrrree - 🤴🏾

    What was he trying to do?

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @chris000000001 I don't agree but have a good one folks!

  • @shiggity42 - O.Ne Raised 🌴SoCal livin🌴

    @chris000000001 yawnnn

  • @itsmyronic - お前はもう死んでいる

    @chris000000001 I think your caps lock button is broken.

  • @itsmyronic - お前はもう死んでいる

    @chris000000001 Lol. One of those guys who says "you people" when referring to black people.

  • @itsmyronic - お前はもう死んでいる

    @chris000000001 the other 2 people died in an unrelated incident.

  • @mash_la - Only One Nation, #RaiderNation

    @adam81houdini Well said.

  • @_moooncha - MOONCHA

    I would have like this post a lot more if it he was address as a man, not the right time my dude

  • @corporatethuggin14md00 - #SUCKAFREEZONE..#APURELEADER

    Wen I look at this pic I'm like damn the flame wasn't long enuff !#gtfooh

  • @1quietassassin - Quiet Assassin

    Come fight with us.

  • @e_bo - make money not friends 💯

    It's easy to say that shit while looking into a cell phone pussy @chris000000001

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    Ig gets weird af. Lol.

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @e_bo don't stress. Just blocked dude. Can't argue with fools.

  • @itsmyronic - お前はもう死んでいる

    @djpooh smh. It's always the dudes without photos and private accounts.

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @itsmyronic Fact

  • @caligmuzic - CaliGMuzic

    Lmao. @djpooh don't reply to the weirdos. Just block they ass 🤣🤣🤣. ..but on some real , they wouldn't come to LA with that. We burned this bitch down before (watts included) and will do it again if we have too

  • @treepuff_84 - joshua ruciano

    That old man at the bottom is probably the most dangerous person! He looks ready

  • @beachmcgee - Pea McGee

  • @kingab1of1 - Blessed To Wear Da 👑

    I got mine and a ready to put in dat work them pussy cowards don't never come to the hood they know where to go and who to fuck wit. Fuck marching ad singing old negro songs if u wit the shit step up brah

  • @bb.gb

    @spekoner1 he said "not today Satan. Not today"

  • @huntington714 - Joshua Jeffrey

    @djpooh the whole thing is just stupid. The scene looks like pure stupidity. All that bullshit and nothing gets accomplished.

  • @phillipepropst - PhillipePropst

    Yes brun that flag

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @huntington714 Violence is not the solution. But you have the right to protect yourself at all times.

  • @mz.nikkibaby_ - Nicole

  • @huntington714 - Joshua Jeffrey

    @djpooh 100%. If the guy with the flag started it, then he's getting off lucky, and vice versa. The whole thing just looks stupid to me. A bunch of adults acting worse then children.

  • @cocoa.blend - A r i e


  • @theangel8110 - Angelica Wes.

    I didn't get to say hi to you at that show Thursday. I met you years ago at my old job and you were super nice. I was at the family room coming out to support and see Brent host for the first time. I still love anything you come out with.

  • @bcg3_ - 👑B🐝

  • @joshuaryanperez - Filmmaker


  • @jdstone310 - JDS

    @djpooh America is still Amerikkka

  • @joshuaryanperez - Filmmaker

    How could I get you involved in a project to co-write?

  • @adamfirli87 - AdamFirli87


  • @dalton69742

    Literally there is something wrong with that the rebel flag is not about racism anymore literally people that fucking do that shit is bullshit I can't stand people that are fucking racist assholes and think that flag still support and said that flag it's about friendship and love after the war people flying off the back of their trucks because they like to get late at night and go and fucking party their ass off in the back woods

  • @dalton69742

    It's not about skin colour it's about what's in your heart

  • @danigward - Daniel Ward

    Burn that flag and be done with it

  • @b_o_b_z - Bob Durham

    This man is no nigga!

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    @b_o_b_z Go tell the racist then.

  • @mykey_marz - Mike Martinez

    This dude is on a whole other fuck you mode! #dopeaf

  • @imayeseekay - Mack is..

    It's always been about skin color...anyone who thinks differently is probably a naive Caucasian or disillusioned negro. Either way, the whole thing looks dope to me

  • @b_o_b_z - Bob Durham

    @djpooh all day!

  • @amirhpg - amirhpg

  • @them4kidsmama - Leneé


  • @kelbina19 - Kelly Burgess

  • @big_ian_h - Ernesto Ian Hernandez

    Thought that old man had a flower dick

  • @niksea_music - Nik Sea

    Violence begets violence

  • @capricorn_cowboy918 - M R Martin

    Racist please come to the hood so we can put y'all heads on flat. Come mess with some black folks who bout whooping ass. Leave the peaceful people alone. It's plenty of us who would love to put y'all coward asses in y'all place.

  • @marcelijahscott - Elijah


  • @alirahimi80 - alirahimi80

    What a good looking bunch they are, oh my lord, 100 dates on tinder

  • @amandinembessang - Harmony Mbessang

  • @s_sodzi - stephen sodzi

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • @powerk2605 - Kelly Power

    Kill it with fire

  • @yourr_hiigness - Mf'n Fredo Aka Perc Nowitzki

    This man living in 3017 while everyone else living in 2017

  • @yourr_hiigness - Mf'n Fredo Aka Perc Nowitzki

    I'm ready for isis to wipe out the white species

  • @curtiskirk1977 - Curtis

  • @boomtown280 - blackout10.0

    He should've roasted they bitch ass.

  • @rakinashab17 - Rakin Ashab

    @take_flight_24 @noregrets031 real G

  • @frango_unchained - Clarence "Junior" Frango


  • @kendricksnikki - Nikki Kendricks

    Now Y is that old man out there standing next 2 the guy with the torch.. He gonna get hurt if they get rowdy

  • @beastboy1239458 - beastboy123

    What the hell is going on

  • @howardnewlandj - Howard Newland

  • @kyle_dicko11 - Kyle

    My mannnn !!!

  • @theofficialdannycochranfit

    A+++ for creativity

  • @ccx97z - ccx97

    Props to him lol good idea

  • @sayyywaaaahhhhhhh - David

    @djpooh old white man like aww shieet son im on the wrong side hahaha

  • @ness_vagas - Vanessa Vagas

  • @omena_alexandria - Omena


  • @_el_choppa_1


  • @hemi_one_ - it was all a dream.....B.I.G.

    Fuck them putos.....

  • @thegucci_taliban - MAKE OUT POINT II

    The ultra fire man

  • @deloorjames - Deloor James

    @djpooh Where can i send a couple of scripts?? #smokeyourscrew

  • @kweenie1736 - Sassy

    LOL! I'm so proud of fire sprayer.

  • @_el_choppa_1


  • @mikesinyohouse - Michael Montoya

    Haha fuck yeah burn them MFS down

  • @imsotopshelf_fty - Rico "El TICO" 🇨🇷


  • @cali_hustler_g - CaliHustlerG

    Frying crackers lol.

  • @straightupmagazine - Thompson Tony

    What up Dj i was just watching Friday last night classic

  • @growmore707 - Growmore707🆘™ LLC

  • @vilma_hurtado - Vil

    This is just as bad ..

  • @organic710nongmo

    Can of Aqua net and a lighter classic, I have an aunt that keeps that set up by her bed like a gun burn that mofo!!

  • @wesgales80 - wes gales

  • @tonyloco1113 - Tonyloco

  • @mrdalberiste - Martin Dalbériste

    It should've said "This man is a hero." Americans are stupid. Stop the hate. Stop the violence. Stop using the N- word.

  • @msladymorrell - keysha

  • @lord_steeza - Sterling Lay


  • @ryry334 - Ryan Domis

    Tens of thousands of Americans died fighting nazi white supremacy in WW2. Now these trumpers march through Virginia like it's their country shouting "hail trump." It's good to see that even republicans coming out condemning trump for being silent about his racist supporters. Fuck white nationalism, call it what it really is, " dumb nazi fucks who already forgot what their grandparents fought for."

  • @erichudz - Eric Hudnall


  • @erichudz - Eric Hudnall

    @sccastle lit febrreeze to burn his flag

  • @finstabxtchxoxo - Fvck Me🥀

    Snoop dog liked this lol

  • @maxestrada5189 - Max Estrada


  • @maxestrada5189 - Max Estrada

    Oh yeah FUCK THE K×K ...

  • @papa_169 - Diddy169

    Fuck the kkk

  • @bobweirmyhero - Alec Sigg

    The only hero there is that old white dude just lounging.

  • @islopezrl


  • @itsmemacabre

    Black excellence.

  • @bigbusiness1nc - BIG BUSINESS

  • @mrgino390 - Eric

    We should get him a real flame-thrower like they used on the Nazis in WWII.

  • @shutupmimsy627

    White people

  • @hurricane_hussan - $ SKRILLA BANDIT $

    He spraying them muthafucas like Roaches

  • @ogcomptonblood - Jayceon

    Fuck white power fuck black power we jus need equality an shit blood

  • @frenchyflyfellla - David French

    Is the old man getting some from that flower?

  • @elkgrovebuickgmc - Elk Grove Buick GMC

    This is legitness!

  • @jonnyarch516 - Jonny escobar

    Strive to be the best nation

  • @petethigpen8 - Terry thigpen

    What the hell

  • @djpooh - DJPooh

    Dude is actually a super hero! Lol! He and his boy are actually protecting the other counter protester (older guy) in the middle. #sticktogether

  • @wild21692169 - Wild Nature


  • @74thstreet - Aaron Harris


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