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3 months ago
@adhdinhd Instagram photos and videos Thanks for the well wishes everyone. My helmet and my experience are what minimized damage. 3 broken ribs, a few other bangers and bruises, and I'll get a couple plates of metal in my face to hold that shit together. I was wearing a full face helmet, and was in full control during an unavoidable accident. Think about that before you ride in a half face or no helmet at all.

  • @majic82 - Majic82

    Hope you recover soon.

  • @life_and_death_of_sven_crow - Sven Weltenbrand

    Get well soon! And after that get back on the iron Horse.

  • @nium_nium - νιυμ_νιυμ


  • @elranchogrande - John Callahan

    Prayers brother

  • @americanlhoney - Korina Ramirez

    Daaaang. Get better soon...

  • @heavynthestreetz - shane smith

    Heal fast homie

  • @jonsteelephoto - Jon Steele

    Glad ur still with us homie!

  • @jschweezys - Jeromy

    Damn homie! Close call

  • @cressidae - Cressida

    Speedy recovery to you !!

  • @slovy__ - Aaron

    Fuck. Glad you're ok. Lmk if u need anything.

  • @porter_swagner - Wes Bolding

    Sorry this happen to you buddy. Bad shit happens to good people, hang in there, and let me know if u need my help!

  • @william_werenberg - William Werenberg

    Get well soon. From Denmark

  • @sk8fuckingawesome - Ariel Alaniz

    Get well brother!

  • @luke_hollidaysmith - LHS


  • @mojojojo314 - Jojo

    Get well soon zan!

  • @lindsey.xi.ii - l i n d s e y

    I was just in a accident on my bike too, I hope you get well soon!

  • @j________.v - Jocelin

    anch'io ho avuto un incidente con la mia moto ,ormai 2 mesi fa , non posso ancora camminare ... ti capisco️ ! Forza

  • @j________.v - Jocelin

    Anch'io ho avuto un incidente con la mia moto , due mesi fa , ancora nn posso camminare .. ti capisco️ ! forza

  • @alex_skates - Alex Balderas 😎

    Get better soon brother, hope you have a speedy recovery 🤙

  • @rustkulture - Justin Bennetsen

    Glad you are able to post. Sucks but looks like you are gonna live. Gonna stop by to see ya. Let me know if we need to go get your bike.

  • @jayslab - Jr Anguiano

    Oh shit Zan! Glad you’re ok! Get well soon homie!

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @rustkulture thanks bud. I'll be here hhah

  • @buzzbombskates - Buzz Bomb Skateboards

    Heal up, ripper!

  • @hurleyguerra - Hurley Guerra

    Dang bro!!! Prayers for a fast recovery.

  • @maddy_d_madbull - Madhav Pratap

    get well soon dear @adhdinhd

  • @mainey_eps - Eric Pineda 🤘😎✌

  • @brianrogers361 - salsberrysteaksandwich

    Are you fkn kiddin me fk im glad your still here with us....

  • @livingston.don - Don

    Take care and we wish you the best to recover

  • @muhammad.rifai0 - Muhammad Rifai

    Get Well Soon

  • @hcgunnarsson - hcgunnarsson

    Gosh all the best healingenergy from overseas

  • @mb_338winmag - mb_338winmag

    Yep, those refuse to wear a helmet period are just courting trouble, hang in there and heal up

  • @white_wall_kustomz - Jason

    Man I'm sorry about your accident. I was passing by when they were putting you in the wagon. I couldn't tell what had happen but it made me nervous bc I ride on ocean just to stay off the hwy. prayers brother!

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @white_wall_kustomz thanks bud

  • @rustkulture - Justin Bennetsen

    @adhdinhd what do you need. I can bring you some shit.

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @rustkulture I can't eat or drink anything yet. Going into surgery at 5 to get a hunk of metal in the face. That will probably be the night ended... Can't really think of anything honestly. If anyone wants to come by, you guys are welcome.

  • @rustkulture - Justin Bennetsen

    @adhdinhd I was going to roll over after work sometime in the evening but you may still be in surgery or knocked out. Might just wait till Wednesday given the circumstances.

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @rustkulture yes that sounds better, I'll be pretty beat after surgery.

  • @alison_alonzo - Alison Clark

    We are praying for a successful surgery and for your recovery!

  • @aurel_wbr - 🇪🇸 Aurel

    good recovery, stay strong dude

  • @derekwikoff - Derek Wikoff

    Damn bro... I hope you're going to be okay. Was my brother with you?

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @derekwikoff no I was solo

  • @derekwikoff - Derek Wikoff

    @adhdinhd recover quickly bro. Glad you survived

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @alison_alonzo thank you so much. In just a few more hours I'll be part robot!

  • @keepyourheadupog - Eazy E

    Good luck bro! What happend? I’ve in can ask?

  • @federica_tazzi - Federica Tazzi

    @adhdinhd Forza

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @keepyourheadupog A car decided that they wanted to turn left after they had almost passed the intersection. They slammed on the brakes to turn left but they could not because there was oncoming traffic in the other lane so they ended up slamming on the brakes and coming to a complete stop in my lane. I had a median on one side of me in traffic on another side, so to avoid hitting their vehicle with my entire body, I laid the bike down, and ended up hitting my face (with helmet) into their bumper. At about 30-35 miles an hour

  • @alison_alonzo - Alison Clark

    @adhdinhd omg well we are praying hard !

  • @keepyourheadupog - Eazy E

    @keepyourheadupog damn men! Do you maybe have some pics of you’re bike?

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @keepyourheadupog not yet. I was unconscious under the car when the meat wagon came. I've got someone picking it up for me today/tomorrow.

  • @keepyourheadupog - Eazy E

    @adhdinhd oh okay! Well Good luck men, keep me in touch with you’re health ️

  • @lexipoo710 - Lexi & Jorgie

    Dude wtf I hope your all well man and hope u get better soon.

  • @it_was_lit - Tom

    Get better soon man

  • @benoreoxxx - Benjamin Six

    Get Well Dude

  • @eightwelveinc - 812 inc

    Stay strong brother

  • @rika_ponia

  • @r_d510 - Ryan

    Glad your alive hope you heal soon and get back on your bike

  • @blessdapparel - Blessd Apparel

    Good to see your still with us. If you need ANYTHING please reach out to us and we will happily help and take care of you

  • @skeletonelk - Alex Watson

    Thankfully your alive bro.. pain comes and goes but your still here is what matters.. see you soon 🤙

  • @braapinjordan - Jordan Simmons🤙🏼

    @adhdinhd fuckkkk that sounds nuts! Just came across the helmet scrolling but glad to see you're here to ride another day. All your seat time definitely paid off, heal up quick!

  • @burntzilla916 - Jay Jonna


  • @rickymartinezj - Fuggin Cool

    Get well man. Dead men tell no tales and you are telling yours !!!

  • @bethocasta - betho

    Ánimo bro!

  • @sarah_anais_bess - Sarah Bessade

    Wishing a good recovery and strength

  • @chrisnoodles - クリスラモン

    fuuuuck. glad you're alright brother

  • @abylay.khan - Kotenchique®

    Get well soon brother! Stay strong!

  • @freedom8teens

    God bless you bro..

  • @mushman48 - mushman48

    Hang in there dude. Damn......

  • @texas_jim - Jim

    Don't know you. Glad you wear a full face, glad you didn't die.

  • @superbikeaddicts - World’s Best Superbikes

    Prayers brother

  • @rizfaalbari027 - Alter

    get well soon my broo

  • @jacquivanham - Jacqui Van Ham

  • @hansika5757 - hansika

    Get well soon brother!!

  • @dynamocycle - Dynamo Cycle

    Heal up brotha! If you need anything to help with a fundraiser/benefit let us know. One business owner to another. Praying for you!

  • @corieallegory - Corie

    Get well soon, gnarly.

  • @anthyme_mota - anthyme.mota

    Good Luck broo

  • @beerpocalypse - Ryan

    Get better soon homie!! You'll be back at it soon!

  • @_crystal_pistol_ - Crystal Rios

    i love you

  • @chaos19south - JSL

  • @rclauthier - Rylee

    Get well stranger

  • @motodoll777 - jnaylor777

    Get well soon! Two wheels one love ️

  • @hooniganhonda - Andrew Jacob

    Pain is weakness leaving the body bud, stay strong

  • @mrbaca72 - Richard Baca


  • @jmdecker28 - Justin decker

    @adhdinhd That's horrible... Even tho the sight of your helmet on @bobbers_n_choppers is the reason I saw your page it sucks to see a fellow rider go down. Getting a plate in your face is scary I know but not getting to ride again would of bean worse.

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @jmdecker28 I just got home from the hospital. Turns out it was two plates of metal in the face haha

  • @jmdecker28 - Justin decker

    @adhdinhd glad to hear it man... I only had 1plate and 3 screws...lol... Get well soon man..

  • @nick_mclamara1

    Wow brother I took a spill July 18. Granted I dont know you till I seen your helmet on @bobbers_n_choppers. Always praying you heal fast, and live to ride another day. I broke 2 vertebrate in my back. Just stay strong

  • @fishingforluck

    Wishing a speedy recovery ️

  • @madjed_lamouri - Madjed_lamouri

    We don't need helmets , we die like real man

  • @fct8306 - Frederick T.

    Get well soon and hope you ride again soon

  • @errock179 - Eric Riney


  • @__egroj90__ - Jorge Pineda

    Stay strong 🤘

  • @amp_custom_paint - Adam Podell

    I got one of those plates in my face a few years ago , from something different get better soon man!

  • @vintage_construction - Mike Johnstone

    Rest up champ! Good luck

  • @edwin_welton - Edwin Welton lujan

    Get well soon bro!

  • @guttertrash_maddog - 🇺🇸Vladimir🇺🇸

    Damn! Glad you’re ok man!

  • @sean.caron103 - Sean Caron

    @errock179 don’t tag my mom in this lol damn..

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @jmdecker28 shit, I should have found out how many screws! Worst part is, there's still bits of bone floating around that I'll have to deal with at some point

  • @midnight_rider941 - Jack Jellel

    Have a quick recovery!

  • @jmdecker28 - Justin decker

    @adhdinhd. My girlfriend fractured her thumb and the doctors said your body will absorb them and she said she couldn't feel them after about 6months.

  • @alhashasin

    We can all probably improve the risk management strategies we apply to our lives, for our families, get well soon.

  • @adhdinhd - Zan

    @jmdecker28 I can dig it

  • @superrhino_r1 - B-dogg

    Damn. ! With a full face. That's crazy scary.

  • @zero.fuxgiven - Aj Alexander

    Bless man, praying for a speedy recovery

  • @logiesays - Logan Curry

    A full face saved my life a year ago. Crazy that people ride without helmets at all. I don't know you but get better man.

  • @sam_thrillhouse_rogers - Sam Rogers

    Got a full face yet? @adarmboughton

  • @renehd883 - Rene

    Get well dude.🤘

  • @ponahjerez69 - Jonah Perez

    Fuck! Glad you’re still breathing brotha! Get well!

  • @hiocustom - Mathieu boudreau


  • @jameswholefish - James

    @adhdinhd dude I’m with everyone else, best of luck on a fast recovery. You got out alive and that’s saying a lot. Looks like I’m buying a new helmet ASAP.

  • @seandanmyles - Sean Abshire 😎

    Thank god you're ok man! Get well soon!

  • @gegets - Laurent Gets


  • @angel_rosexoxo - Angel Rodriguez🌹

    @streetbiketommy2013 !!!!!! Throw that shit out!!! Please always wear your full face️

  • @muhamad_ali_ - Muhamad Ali محمد علي

    I hope you get well soon!

  • @dingovomit

    Hope you are doing good homie

  • @george.osborne - George Osborne†

    @stumper87 get a full face mate!

  • @edmacbr

    I don't know you, but what i've just read and seen, convinced me to buy a full face helmet. Get well mate.

  • @issa__saintnyc - Saint

    Hey well soon

  • @gasaddiction - Gas Addiction Motorcycle

    Hope you get well, brow!

  • @umitvekivek - Ümit Yılmaz

    Get well soon champ, road is waiting for you

  • @rammpage - Gary 🖕

    Glad you're ok Bro! Get well soon! Hang in there

  • @atxbarber - David S.

    Hope you recover quickly! Thanks for the wisdom. Buying a proper full face shortly. Stay strong

  • @mazenahmed9523 - Mazen Ahmed

    @_s.a.b.i.q_ full face and still

  • @mazenahmed9523 - Mazen Ahmed

    Glad ur okay man!

  • @cezarin_1 - CESAR MARTINEZ JR

    Hope u get a speedy recover bro

  • @mrronco219 - Mr. Bill Collector

  • @amphotograffiti

    Glad you will live to ride another day!

  • @fullnelson5 - FullNelson5

    Hope you make a strong and fast recovery my motorcycle riding homie. From #yakimawa

  • @benny_neomatrix7 - Benny べにー

    Get well soon !!!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  • @thebackhouseco - Fiends & Hooligans

  • @biker_aka_sloth - Sloth

    Hello there biker dude, I don’t know you but I’m glad you alive and survived it. Thankful to live another day. Thank you for your concern to others and me included about better have full face helmet. I’m agreed with ya and for your recovery as well.

  • @rexcorsism - Charly 11:11:11=33

    I made the mistake of listening to people and rode around Mexico without my helmet. Now I’ve got a hole in my head, forever...glad to see you made it out alright.

  • @george.osborne - George Osborne†

    @adhdinhd PS - Hope you recover well. DMD make a carbon helmet with some old school styles for future reference :)

  • @holdernesse - Sasha-Jason Mcgrath-fitzsimons

    Good luck

  • @mam_sarquis - Sam Marquis

    Full face seemed to keep your face in one piece. Prayers for a speedy recovery my friend.

  • @theoldmanbenny - OldManBenny


  • @marc_brown_paintings - Marc Brown

    Never met you but from one biker to another I wish you a speedy recovery and especially a speedy return to the saddle. ️

  • @masonsmama1230 - Kimberly Rose

    @theoldmanbenny no more wearing the half shell!!

  • @bigj0929 - 谢庆杰 Xie Qingjie

    Get well soon!Best wishes from a rider in China🇨🇳

  • @low_key_x

    Feel better

  • @dkhayslip - Dillon

    Get well soon

  • @tbellekom - Tim Bellekom


  • @turningfireinto.blogspot - TURNINGFIREINTOSPEED

    Damn mate, all ok hope! Lucky man #luckynumber7

  • @remibouvier

    Get well soon man

  • @b.rron - Jason Barron

    Happy to know we still got a rider on the road with us! Get well bro!

  • @fearlessallie2238 - Allie3am

    Prayers for a speedy recovery

  • @dsevans12 - Shane Evans

    Hope you heal up fast my man. Positive vibes from WV.

  • @streetglidecompton - Don M Woods

    @adhdinhd Couldn’t agree more, switched to a full face over year ago never going back. Speedy recovery.

  • @_s.a.b.i.q_ - S B Q

    @mazenahmed9523 ohh shit....4K 5k INR still don’t save ur life

  • @_s.a.b.i.q_ - S B Q

    @mazenahmed9523 safe ride bro

  • @skirtster48

    Wishing you a speedy recovery

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