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  • @tutus4totsco - Alyssia | Owner + Maker

    What a doll! Love those baby blues

  • @jessieleed - Jessica Downey

    Soooo pretty!!! Your house has such splendid light. ️

  • @wyatt.and.cass - Ems & Wyatt & Cassidy

    @tutus4totsco Thank you!

  • @wyatt.and.cass - Ems & Wyatt & Cassidy

    @jessieleed I love her room for light!

  • @tandeminlove - thu ✌🏼️

    such a cutie ️

  • @tribe_of_taylors - Chris//Haley//Clark//Luke

    Stop it with that adorable outfit!!!

  • @wyatt.and.cass - Ems & Wyatt & Cassidy


  • @wyatt.and.cass - Ems & Wyatt & Cassidy

    @tribe_of_taylors I know

  • @jojoholmes2

    So sweet

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No relief in the teething department, and still no teeth... Thankfully she is cute or I might squish the moody little bugger. Jk. (Mostly). #wink

Wyatt HAS to be in every photo with his favorite girl. I love their little sibling love, even if he is rolling her on her head 2 minutes after this.

Cassie Rose REALLY likes getting her picture taken *Finally*