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Paul Wallace
2 months ago
@wallacepjw Instagram photos and videos Throwback Thursday #tbt to the #abudhabif1 with @cs_500 A weekend full of seeing unbelievable cars, insane yachts, meeting great people and celebrating what has been a crazy 2017 The future is looking brighter than ever, with a new adventure starting in January 2018 that will blow everything out of the water Still got so much to do, see & film out here in Dubai, and I’m loving every minute of it! #dubai #ferrari #dreamland

  • @orridgenal - Lindsay Orridge


  • @gauthiertackoen - Gauthier Tackoen

    I love this photo! I would like to have the original

  • @mr.sashooooook - Александр Паюсов

    Please enter me in your plans for next year :-D

  • @armanpk - Arman PK

    @alessio1003 F12 is actually too piff

  • @livelifesystems - LiveLifeSystems

    Adore it

  • @darrencabral - Darren Cabral

    Wow what a beauty! Sometimes I feel like @ferrari has lost their heart, but then I see pictures like this lol.

  • @craigjw1 - Craig Williams

    @wallacepjw you need to do a video explaining what is going on as one minute your buying a house and the next your back to supercar hunting. Has the house been ditched, has the GF been ditched?

  • @kez_whyte - Kieran W S Whyte

    Great memories. Amazing to meet u man.

  • @alessio1003 - Alessio

    @armanpk fair

  • @elmobiles99 - Joe Biles

    Do a video with @supercarblondie ?

  • @hypercarsofdubai - PHILIP NICHOLAS

    Amazing bro!!!!! ️️️️️️️️

  • @amarisupercars - AMARI Supercars


  • @raullee_g - Raul Garcia Lee

    Make a wall paper for us of this photo

  • @ubossie0123 - UlrichBosman

    B-E-A-Utiful shot !!!!!

  • @ag8cars - ag8cars

  • @constantinosnicou - Constantinos Nicou

    Front end goals @steliosand94

  • @topwrap - Top Wrap Canada

  • @overlyfast_

    What camera do you use

  • @jay__nichols - Jay Nichols

    That car will not age

  • @fox4831 - fox harris

    My dream Ferrari #f12berlinetta

  • @livelifesystems - LiveLifeSystems

    check your dm

  • @laraheller - LaraHeller


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The 21st January Announcement is FAST approaching Any guesses on what the announcement is??🤓 The reason for this picture is because I am excited to say that we’ve managed to sort the apartment & will be moving in first week of February Which is the biggest weight off my shoulders as the last 6 months have been stressful to say the least Thank you for being so supportive & patient with this process....we can now get excited about the new cars coming, the 21st January & the rest of the year...all from the new SOL HQ #bringiton #newvideo #2018 #supercarsoflondon #thankyou

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This week I ticked off the @mclarenauto 675LT Spider courtesy of @carlhartley1. Some might say saving the best McLaren till last, and after a brief drive...it’s a real contender for being the best experience you can get from a McLaren road car! If you’re looking for a raw, precise drive that keeps you on your toes...I’m not sure there’s a better car Obviously the P1 holds the crown but it’s scary just how good this car is for a fraction of the price! The question now is....what will the 720s LT version be like #mclaren #supercarsoflondon

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One of my favourite places to visit...Filming a quick extra intro into my video from @carlhartley1 ’s dream factory where I filmed this week! then I’ll be editing it all together ready for the weekend Whilst the weather wasn’t great, we still managed to go for a blast in something special #tomhartleycars #porsche #supercarsoflondon

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