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Paul Wallace
2 months ago
@wallacepjw Instagram photos and videos Well Well Well @alexcarms missed this totally ridiculous LaFerrari🤣🇦🇪 Ridiculous because it’s paint job matched the bus behind #ferrari #laferrari #theking #dubai #twocargarage #dailybus #weekendlaferrari

  • @andrea_c_ - Andrea C.


  • @alexcarms - Alex Carmichael

    I hope you’re not trying to claim my prank on you back fired

  • @2ushae - TheSupercarBlog.com

    @andrea_c_ that's correct

  • @leroy_teo - Leroy Teo

    Oh man, the bus got a Ferrari Atelier program paint job

  • @ihawxby - Ian Hawxby

    @azzurrodino ’s collection is ridiculous

  • @888_mf - M.F.


  • @connorsanthouse - Connor Santhouse


  • @wallacepjw - Paul Wallace

    @alexcarms 🤣🤣🤣

  • @wallacepjw - Paul Wallace

    @leroy_teo only in Dubai;)

  • @wallacepjw - Paul Wallace

    @ihawxby agreed

  • @jelle_jcs - JCS😏💪

    Best color on a LaFerrari Paul?

  • @alex.spotter - Mr.Car


  • @kunalgautam_ - Kunal Gautam

    @wallacepjw daily bus totally feasible !

  • @ryancudlip - Ryan 🙋🏽‍♂️

    Much prefer his Zonda Cinque though 🤔

  • @mihailoperic4c - ⓂⓘⓗⓐⓘⓁⓄ Ⓟⓔⓡⓘć / Михаило Перић

    #dailybus 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @myles_1011

    It really does match

  • @nasfanbd - Nasif Nasfan

    That's @azzurrodino

  • @empireapparel__ - Empire_Apparel

  • @ruler36912 - I AM JUST A GUY


  • @ethanwawman - Ethan Wawman


  • @rizzyg19 - Rizwan Alam

    we all know whos laferrari that is!

  • @rizzyg19 - Rizwan Alam

    its @azzurrodino

  • @sean_kane_ - Sean Kane


  • @bmw_heart - BⓂ️W•WELT

  • @dan_gr1ff1ths - Dan Griffiths

    That bus tho

  • @tommy_dicko - Tommy Dickinson

    Next car?🤔

  • @calclowes - Callum Clowes

    Convoy goals

  • @re13bel - Rémy 🇫🇷💥

    WoW this shoot is just perfect ️

  • @fly.whips.only - 🔥

  • @justabelgiangamer - justabelgiangamer

    so cool

  • @chad_pixx - Chad Stamp

    Dream car🤘plus the color

  • @abdal_aumeer - Abdal Aumeer

    @akshayrroopun pimp

  • @jack_durban_24 - J A C K ⛽️🔥.

    More m3

  • @ag8cars - ag8cars

    Beauty ️ Check my pictures ️

  • @digitalflareuk - DigitalFlare

    Stunning photo

  • @adunmur88 - Alasdair Dunmur

    Awesome ️

  • @italian_cars_ - Italian_cars_

    Absolutely stunning color

  • @mr_txm - Thomas Matthew Marchant


  • @car_culture_uk - Car Culture UK

    Check DMs!! @wallacepjw

  • @carinsuranceuk_ - CHEAPEST ADMIN FEE 🚨


  • @affluentautos - Luxury Cars | Sports Cars

    Blue beauty.

  • @livelifesystems - LiveLifeSystems

  • @ethvnpickering - ethal pizzle


  • @antonio__politi - Antonio Politi

    I prefer te bus

  • @jamie_elite45 - JAMIE • ELITE45

    More blue love

  • @louis_orr_ - Louis Orr

    @shmee150 ??

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The 21st January Announcement is FAST approaching Any guesses on what the announcement is??🤓 The reason for this picture is because I am excited to say that we’ve managed to sort the apartment & will be moving in first week of February Which is the biggest weight off my shoulders as the last 6 months have been stressful to say the least Thank you for being so supportive & patient with this process....we can now get excited about the new cars coming, the 21st January & the rest of the year...all from the new SOL HQ #bringiton #newvideo #2018 #supercarsoflondon #thankyou

@wallacepjw 193

This week I ticked off the @mclarenauto 675LT Spider courtesy of @carlhartley1. Some might say saving the best McLaren till last, and after a brief drive...it’s a real contender for being the best experience you can get from a McLaren road car! If you’re looking for a raw, precise drive that keeps you on your toes...I’m not sure there’s a better car Obviously the P1 holds the crown but it’s scary just how good this car is for a fraction of the price! The question now is....what will the 720s LT version be like #mclaren #supercarsoflondon

@wallacepjw 29

One of my favourite places to visit...Filming a quick extra intro into my video from @carlhartley1 ’s dream factory where I filmed this week! then I’ll be editing it all together ready for the weekend Whilst the weather wasn’t great, we still managed to go for a blast in something special #tomhartleycars #porsche #supercarsoflondon

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It’s official It took me a few months to decide the M3 needs a new home but it’s time for something with a slightly better exhaust tone @gravelwoodcarsales will be providing help throughout the sale process so get in touch if you’re seriously interested! Comes with all the mods (and all stock parts to maintain it’s reversability)...as well as a FREE wrap from @dub_customs if you’re not a fan of the grey The M3 has been an incredible car but I’m looking into the future #forsale #m3 #bmw #supercarsoflondon pic by @alexcarms #2018

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