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Paul Wallace
2 months ago
@wallacepjw Instagram photos and videos #throwbackthursday So much to discuss on my return to the UK Have an awesome Thursday #lamborghini #dreamcar #tbt #murcielago #throwback #thursday

  • @sandros_cars - #onlythebestsupercars

    That has to be the all time coolest Lambo!!

  • @sibilla.sibilla - Sibilla


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  • @sankmarsh75 - Sankalp Sahota

    My Dream Car

  • @himalayhs23 - Hím Âl ÁÝ

    Awesome dude

  • @exoticars_photos

    The best lambo!

  • @mbw2510 - Matt

    Enjoy yours too chap

  • @torvic1998 - Torvic

    The signature “looking down and to the left” image.

  • @livelifesystems - LiveLifeSystems

  • @mujtabapervez1234 - Mujtaba Pervez

    Stop teasing and get one already!!!!

  • @ben_lamaletie - Car Spotter, Ben L

    That's the perfect look for you Paul

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  • @christianw - Christian Williams

    That car

  • @t_bva - Thibaud.B

    Check my account ! @t_bva

  • @tomnuttingred - Tom Nutting

    @wallacepjw reckon you have the chance to get one in 2018? That car is a true legend and THE DREAM!

  • @charliefortunasomckay - Chuckles

    Try to find one in a manual, if you can’t there’s a few for sale in Australia get one here and take it back

  • @corey.kelwick - Coreykelwick

    Don’t buy that

  • @paulobaptista46 - Paulo Baptista

    Waiting for it

  • @samforty - Samuel Forty

    That fitment on the rear wheel is disgusting lol

  • @kieran_the_brooks

    My favourite super car from the era

  • @ravthaprodigy - Sán ㊙️


  • @_thomastran - Thomas Tran

    Same shoe as me. Adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Uncaged Silver Boost

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As I scroll through my YouTube video library, it’s fair to say the journey has been fairly ridiculous so far I set #supercarsoflondon up with @zachtmoore on 31st October 2008. This year is the celebration of A DECADE of SOL (Makes me feel bloody old). However, tomorrow is the next chapter The Big Announcement goes live at MIDDAY & features a lot of @mercedesbenz This isn’t a bad #throwback from April 2016 in my AMG GT-S just above Monaco. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to bring an exciting new adventure to life with the intentions of starting the next SOL revolution spanning another 10 years Bring on the adventure! Tune in tomorrow to find out what is going on #thenextchapter

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The 21st January Announcement is FAST approaching Any guesses on what the announcement is??🤓 The reason for this picture is because I am excited to say that we’ve managed to sort the apartment & will be moving in first week of February Which is the biggest weight off my shoulders as the last 6 months have been stressful to say the least Thank you for being so supportive & patient with this process....we can now get excited about the new cars coming, the 21st January & the rest of the year...all from the new SOL HQ #bringiton #newvideo #2018 #supercarsoflondon #thankyou

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This week I ticked off the @mclarenauto 675LT Spider courtesy of @carlhartley1. Some might say saving the best McLaren till last, and after a brief drive...it’s a real contender for being the best experience you can get from a McLaren road car! If you’re looking for a raw, precise drive that keeps you on your toes...I’m not sure there’s a better car Obviously the P1 holds the crown but it’s scary just how good this car is for a fraction of the price! The question now is....what will the 720s LT version be like #mclaren #supercarsoflondon

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One of my favourite places to visit...Filming a quick extra intro into my video from @carlhartley1 ’s dream factory where I filmed this week! then I’ll be editing it all together ready for the weekend Whilst the weather wasn’t great, we still managed to go for a blast in something special #tomhartleycars #porsche #supercarsoflondon

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