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2 months ago
@tge_ldnm Instagram photos and videos It’s a monstrosity, & I like it. Excited to see these doing laps of Harrods. Leave an emoji below with what you think of the McLaren ‘p15’ Senna If I could afford it & was allowed one, I would have one. #tgetv #mclarenp15 #p15 #mclarensenna

  • @jawnuhthan - Jonathan Prescott Stepanenkov

    It's kinda griwing on me

  • @maskclo - MASKCLO

    @theworldbestkeptsecret each too their own. It works for us & people like it.. unlike your followers that you’ve probably bought* which of whom 38 likes on your latest insta post. Again, get in the bin.

  • @lil.gash - Gash

  • @mbgcars - MBG + AMG

    Purpose built track attack 🇬🇧

  • @marta.szymocha - MARTA/AMG GT-R LOVER/SUPERCARS

    I like it

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo lol right c/ur last post was 3days ago with no likes as well. But funny thing is I can make ur brand popular lol. But I won’t. C/it’s shit. Idc bout likes btw. My bank account shows me love. Unlike ur account lol. Nobody wears ur shit clothing. Lol

  • @airbubblenlaces - Richard Knight


  • @inan_chowdhury - Inan Chowdhury

    @jamie_carden so would you still have it if it looked like a Nissan micra?

  • @car.lad - Sam Rowling

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo lol all ur post of pics don’t even got over 100likes. Ur brand is shit

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo pple don’t like ur brand. Who r u fooling. Nobody wears it or request ur shit brand clothing.

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo lmao u had a Black Friday sale for what? Ur cheap brand clothing mixed with no sales...no need for a sale. Ur shit needs to be a give away item.

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo u should buy u some followers and likes. Ur page looks like ur brand (shitty)

  • @scoobysti2018 - Thomas🇮🇹


  • @danilo.dj98 - Danilo Đorđević

    Progression ->

  • @telboy23 - Tel Martin

  • @vdautomotive - VD AUTOMOTIVE 🏎💨

  • @tombh7 - tommy


  • @berreth.1 - B Berreth


  • @rizzyg19 - Rizwan Alam

    its a very ugly car tbh and it should never exist just a waste of money, it might be a mclaren but so what this one is just too ugly

  • @brandonwwu - Brandon Wu


  • @_.max_martin - max martin

  • @cars.365 - Daily Super Cars photos/videos

    Such an amazing car! Check out my last post also about P15 and comment your opinion. If you like page content give a follow! :)

  • @eskeozdemir - E$KE


  • @jamesballanger - James Ballanger

    @theworldbestkeptsecret haha the irony of a ‘black American’ being a racist is nothing short of hilarious considering your ‘brothers’ are still fighting for equality against racists and yet here you are making a fool of yourself and them. Even if you was as wealthy as you claim, hiding behind an IG account calling out people of all ages and backgrounds is pretty scummy. Best you get off IG and make some transfers eh? Don’t want you losing any money on us poor white folk.

  • @ralph_0204 - Yoppa 🎲

  • @mark_rosello - Mark Rosello

  • @liamhorsley24 - liamhorsley24

  • @themartiniguy - That Martini Guy

  • @julesthijssen - Jules

    @theworldbestkeptsecret Oh so know you’re a dermatologist too? PS: Everyone can get skin cancer, even people of colour

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @arturopolanc0

    Ugly and start engine on top? Really ugly u want to see all the button in front of u no on top of u head

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @julesthijssen - Jules

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  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @jamesballanger your wife looks like

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

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  • @nickwrx88 - Nick

    Gumperts head designer by any chance ?

  • @johnnys_rocket - Ste Jones

  • @jamesstableford - James

  • @jamesstableford - James

  • @jamesballanger - James Ballanger

    @theworldbestkeptsecret you still going on?

  • @berten.vv - Berten Van Vooren

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @jamesballanger yea c/ur wife ugly and you hit me up you faggot white trash cracker

  • @quick_cars_youtube - Quick Cars

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @jamesballanger you still white trash and ugly like ya fat wife?🤷‍️.

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @jamesballanger why your wife ugly and fat 🤔

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    @jamesballanger why your wife got the family guy chin lol

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    @jamesballanger matter of fact both you and your ugly wife look like characters off family guy

  • @jonesy140177 - Andy Jones

    Looks aggressive

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @bjrichards1 another comment from another white trash cracker who needs to die

  • @_automotive__photography_ - Jacob Mansi


  • @roelvv_033 - Roel Van Veluw

  • @supercarspottinglisboa - Supercar Spotting Lisboa

  • @louisshoo - Louis Hsu

    720s DNA in there. ‍️

  • @morgan_oxer - Morgan Oxer

  • @tr072 - Thomas


  • @wikidslippers - Rohan Molligoda.

  • @tge_ldnm - TGE


  • @lazobanaee - LB 🥑

    Damn that start button is so fucking cool, highlight of this car for me

  • @t_g_master - T-G-Master

    Flipper 🤔 #justsayin

  • @tge_ldnm - TGE

    @t_g_master what are you on about you MORON

  • @maskclo - MASKCLO

    @theworldbestkeptsecret ahahahaha wow fucking nonse

  • @_jay0mie_ - Jamie Blunt

  • @alex_strasscars - ///Alex - Car Spotter 🇫🇷

    What an ugly car

  • @lapsley1990 - Blair lapsley

    @stevenkelly1 aye man thats a fair price tag that like

  • @carsandculture_ - Cars & Culture

  • @theworldbestkeptsecret - Jonny Quest

    @maskclo let me know if you need help with your lame clothing brand

  • @joffclarke - Joff Clarke


  • @persisttheory - Persist Theory

    Great picture and keep up the good work #persisttheory @persisttheory

  • @spiro411 - Spiro

    I think I like this one...

  • @super.alpine - Super Alpine


  • @d2cxld

    The fixed wing is kinda iffy

  • @cap.snaps - Chris Powell

    It’s got to be a grower to all these haters

  • @dannewman___ - Dan Newman

  • @supersonic122286 - Austin

  • @jmod96 - Joel Moody


  • @andreasmiguel_

    Sell all yours cars for that? Surely ?

  • @dan_viner - Dan Viner

  • @ruben_boe - Ruben Bøe®

  • @allaboutcarzz - Ashaz


  • @soso_supercars - Chris

  • @jackcarter197 - Jack Carter

  • @justyn_tesoriero - Justyn Tesoriero

    Those seats don’t look very comfortable

  • @rb.exotics


  • @mike_desilva - Mike Desilva

    I seriously dont get how people can think this car is ugly

  • @calbarney98 - Callum Barnes

  • @cobyvo2003 - Coby vo

    @d2cxld the wing is not fixed but I got to say the wing is absolutely atrocious

  • @themartiniguy - That Martini Guy

    @tge_ldnm LTC

  • @frostyprawn2 - Neil Russell

  • @fowler_owen - Owen Fowler

    Shit is that the best they can do after the last two milestones f1 looked incredible in the 80s simple yet stunning and original this looks like a badly designed kit car

  • @devnpatel360 - Dev Patel

    @tge_ldnm Just you wait... Alll the people who hate this car right now because of its looks will start to love it once it starts breaking records at tracks around the world... @shmee150 @supercarsoflondon @sebdelanney @seenthroughglass @mrjww @archiehamiltonracing

  • @coffeeandoj - Coffee & OJ

  • @doxy2069 - Doxy Weedon


  • @tim_lalli - Timothy Lalli


  • @swebnz - Steve Webster

  • @raifermsmith - Raife Rufus Michael Smith


  • @brightraven1 - Bertrand

    The airflow build around the shell feels good.

  • @petroleumandco - Petroleum & Co.

    @tge_ldnm isn’t that the shitty Lego model they are supposed to release after the actual car? 🤔

  • @inhajinham - Inhaj Inham

  • @fbrookessmith - Freddie Brookes-Smith

    I want to see one in all one colour. Then it will look less like a toy

  • @supercar_buster_hk - BUSTER PHOTOGRAPHY®

  • @laekker_l - Jesper Lund


  • @stephan.cars - Car Obsessed

    Lol @ laps of Harrods @tge_ldnm

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @devnpatel360 not really lol, how can you hate a car first cause its ugly as fuck and then it does some quick laps and we all love it, thats not how it works my friend

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva bro its like homer's car from the simpsons

  • @fly.whips.only - 🔥

  • @mike_desilva - Mike Desilva

    @r.uben.w if have you ever seen the simpsons? Homer drives a very square pink sedan....

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva no theres that one episode, wait i'll dm it to you

  • @lukewheeler101 - Luke🏎🏆


  • @analogrich - Richard De Souza

  • @jamie_carden - Jamie Carden

    @inan_chowdhury if the micra had a rear wing and active aero then of course

  • @pws199 - Paul Somers


  • @gea_59 - Grace


  • @olinnvik1 - Olivier Peigné


  • @asjkirwin - Andrew Kirwin

    🥖🥖🥖🥖🥖 @riggadigg

  • @modsandclass - Carl Wass

    love the best McLaren since the P1

  • @iain675lt - Iain Campbell

    Looks fit for purpose....and thats smashing laptimes including the P1....let the numbers do the talking...🇬🇧

  • @asimm7814

    @archiehamiltonracing you & Tom go halves on one. I just wana see the bickering please

  • @james.spots - James - 15

    You’d be mega winning owning this

  • @meshien - Tom Whiting

    Looks like it's been designed by Lego! I for one though really like it

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva look at your dm

  • @mike_desilva - Mike Desilva

    @r.uben.w the only similarities i see is MAYBE the wing, and the glass roof, but the p1 had the same style roof and nobody said a word about it

  • @_alex_rodriguezz - Weenie hut jr ambassador

    Tbh its growing on me just gotta find some aftermarket parts and bingo

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva yea but the point is that the cars are not based off off each other and they look pretty a like so in my opinion its pretty funny

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva and the p1 was just clean this is just shit man just look at it, its just not right

  • @mike_desilva - Mike Desilva

    @r.uben.w yeah and the p1 is the exotic hyper car, and the p15 senna is suppose to be the hardcore track car (which it very much looks like) that you can also drive on the road. Its not meant to be a beautiful lined flowing car, its meant to be aerodynamic while still at least looking cool af. Sure it isnt the nicest looking car ever but it not suppose to be. Its a track monster.

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva we are just used to see McLaren make beautiful cars and then we get this

  • @whatsapp_ricky1 - Marleymar

    That looks doo doo baby

  • @mike_desilva - Mike Desilva

    @r.uben.w just think of it like another 2017 ford GT, aston martin valkyrie. Its a perpous built race car, and they dont look beautiful but still damn good and neck breaking.

  • @r.uben.w - Ruben Westrik

    @mike_desilva i would happily take both over the p15 if we're talking about looks

  • @uniqtommi - Tommi Mäkinen

  • @supercarsmylife - Mohammed Imran

  • @zapmeagain - Michael Penrose

    Ahoy sailor, I’d sell my unicorn 🦄 for one.

  • @spxncer.x - Spencer

  • @krisdykes - krisdykes

    @alfa_rovea ... @jackh4422 thoughts?

  • @jackh4422 - Jack H

    @krisdykes i want/need one

  • @krisdykes - krisdykes

    @jackh4422 good answer! Becoming a little obsessed with it

  • @jackh4422 - Jack H

    @krisdykes heard someone say the other day that’s been on a track driving a 488 and a GT3 that there was a 720s on the track at the same time and the 488 and GT3 RS couldn’t touch the McLaren through the corners but the others beat it through the straight

  • @krisdykes - krisdykes

    @jackh4422 yea the aero on the mclarens are meant to be next level!!! Need a go of one!

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I’ve just made a confession on my YouTube channel; go check it out & let me know if you think I’m wrong... May be unpopular but so be it Happy new year everyone anyway, & thanks for every bit of support to date. 2017 far surpassed what I ever thought I would be doing with my life & I owe that to you lot. I’m going to cause chaos in 2018 so do stay tuned Also if you haven’t already, get your fitness game into gear & get prepped properly with an LDNM Guide & Supps to hit 2018 running. All new game changing releases today at @ldn_muscle. Big shoutout to all those starting their journeys with LDNM this year ️ Much love to you all. Bless up. Final mention however to @ollymfawcett here - the man behind TGE TV. Hard working, talented, trustworthy, switched on, & all round a pleasure to work with. Give him & his firm a shout if you need any filming & production tings. #tgetv #aventadors #lamborghini #ahoyhoy #rah

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