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2 months ago
@tge_ldnm Instagram photos and videos Shoutout to my twin @je_ldnm for his new arrival. Hit the link in my bio to see the full collection video & full details of the EPIC customisation by @paintkillers - only on #tgetv right now #tgetv #a45 #a45amg #mercedesamg #satinblack

  • @samm.o - Oscar Molero | Sam M.O

    Pigeon car team with @archiehamiltonracing

  • @gary_palmer - Gary Palmer


  • @jackrdownes - MR JRD

    Check out my a45

  • @dcollaks

  • @reecewatson14 - Reece Watson


  • @neilcommon - Neilcommon

    Bought a cracking spec , looks well

  • @jozef_eilers - Jozef Eilers

    Such an amazing Job by @paintkillers

  • @oliverjameswebb - Oliver Webb


  • @adam.karim_ - Adam Karim


  • @timothee_chareille - T I M O T H É E

    It’s the new Audi R8 v10 + of @archiehamiltonracing ???

  • @nebwelham - Ben Welham

    Black out the badges tho

  • @jozef_eilers - Jozef Eilers

    @je_ldnm ️️

  • @kchamp.33 - Keith

    Sexy Back

  • @harrymoogan1999 - Harry Moogan

    Why buy an A45 when you have a golf GTi though?

  • @marcus.white94 - Marcus White

    The quality of that wrap is absurd @je_ldnm

  • @tombh7 - tommy

  • @kontsiou - Konstantinos

    @alexischaidopoulos man like JE

  • @asaddk - أسد

    @ya.ssa 🤔🤔🤔

  • @disc0dan - Dan Eady

  • @jayg2885 - Jay Greetham


  • @nameofthis - Michał Garwoliński 😎


  • @callumralston93 - Callum Ralston

    @tjc___ what do you think of the exhaust crackles on these?

  • @callumralston93 - Callum Ralston

    @tjc___ what do you think of the exhaust crackles on these?

  • @theamglounge - The AMG Lounge

  • @alexduke111 - Alexander Djukic

    Just wow!!!!!!!!

  • @rob_stollery - Rob Stollery ♛

    Better then the pigeons?? Yes

  • @ryantraildogs - ryantraildogs

    Congrats to @je_ldnm looks beast

  • @timothy_erasmus - Timothy Erasmus

    @luke_leroux wrap

  • @je_ldnm - James Exton

  • @paulwarriner89 - paulwarriner89


  • @billywoko - WOKO

    Looking mean mate, congrats

  • @missemmawalsh - M • E • W

    Oh well hello!

  • @rikkieatwell

  • @tge_ldnm - TGE

    @missemmawalsh hi hun

  • @tiagooafonso - Tiago Afonso


  • @tge_ldnm - TGE

    @harrymoogan1999 he explains in the video

  • @missemmawalsh - M • E • W

    @tge_ldnm he has won

  • @ruicarvalho45 - ✖ A45 AMG /// ✖

    @tiagooafonso ficou top

  • @marta.szymocha - MARTA/AMG GT-R LOVER/SUPERCARS


  • @myles_1011

    Danm @je_ldnm

  • @viniciuslp - Vinicius L. Paes


  • @disc0dan - Dan Eady


  • @tge_for_primeminister - The Many Faces Of TGE

    @missemmawalsh @tge_ldnm get a room

  • @tiagooafonso - Tiago Afonso

    Muito @ruicarvalho45

  • @doubletake71 - Simon

    I knew it would be a Porsche 🤭

  • @teamamguk - TeamAMGUK Mercedes Owners Club

    Beautiful Pocket Rocket

  • @cgale89 - Chris Gale

    @tge_ldnm ‘why have you got another car mate?’ @je_ldnm - ‘because I can’ this response had me creasing

  • @drrotator - Alistair

    Jaysussss what a specimen

  • @iamnicor - Nico R.

  • @_bradley_stokes_ - Bradley Stokes

    @tge_ldnm oi oiii what’s going on here @missemmawalsh @tge_ldnm collab soon come on @tgetv ‍️

  • @bannerworx - BANNERWORX Bear

    Meanest looking A45 on the road

  • @rrdetailinguk - R&R Detailing Ltd - Rob


  • @jez_zza - Jez_zza

    nice pic

  • @amakaj2003 - Jan Kaman

    @harrymoogan1999 because he can

  • @gueton_oto - Guetón Oto Gonjías ©


  • @julian_frank1009 - Julian Frank

    Always happy when @je_ldnm picks up a car because it won‘t have to learn how to swim right away

  • @kelseysmart98 - Kelsey Smart

    Whole team winning - jheeeez

  • @lv_lvoer - J|R

    What a great shot! Hat tilt to whoever took it.

  • @alexischaidopoulos - Alexis Chaidopoulos

    @kontsiou babakas

  • @mrmaxied - Maxie D

    @cj_sheikadam you're up

  • @m_w451b - Muhammad Wasib

    MashaAllah brother!! Looking good!!

  • @reeceoxley - Reece Oxley


  • @dannygdesigns - Daniel Gee

    @reeceoxley too sick

  • @fish796 - Jack Fisher


  • @paintkillers - PAINT KILLERS

  • @ctemerson - Charlie Emerson

    I knew @je_ldnm would get another Amg after the Slk 55 left.

  • @clutchengaged - Tom

    V nice

  • @bigfeet_sean - Jan de Vries

    @je_ldnm you can ask the pigeon how to ruff it up@archiehamiltonracing

  • @skachkov_mikhail - MIKHAIL SKACHKOV

  • @91.dd - Dan Dev

    Winnin’ all day errday..

  • @amangoheer - West End 15’s

    Sick A45

  • @ssalyers09 - Skyler Salyers

    Really nice

  • @mlewis_uk - Michael Lewis

    Mad love, do you prefer this to C63? Looking at getting something naughty as a run around..... or RS3

  • @dilliedallen - Dylan

    With these were in the States!

  • @_jamestedesco - James Tedesco

    @tge_ldnm we talking a profit or loss from this bad boy in a coupla years? #ahoy

  • @frostyprawn2 - Neil Russell

    Wow! Great shot. Hot car!

  • @joshkapoor - Josh


  • @hollytate28 - hollytate28


  • @shotbyjamieb - Jamie

  • @james34mk6 - James Macgregor

    @archiehamiltonracing yours is still better bro

  • @tge_ldnm - TGE

    @_jamestedesco odd comment

  • @_steviegram - Steve Horsham 🌴


  • @john07connor - John Connor

    Serious, savage congrats 🤜

  • @rossnunn1 - Ross Nunn

    What is the plate going to be? Very important.

  • @__mattylor__ - Mattia Loreggian

    Gran bel sedere

  • @dannylikes - Daniel Choi

    Looks very from this angle

  • @lukebailey2310 - Luke Bailey


  • @tim_lalli - Timothy Lalli

    Greatttt choice! @je_ldnm

  • @dannyblacker - Danny Blacker

    @fish796 woww

  • @rqindahouse - Russell The Love Muscle

    Yes James!!! Lovely Choice!

  • @sammiiboi - SAM

    @simbabaloba yo!

  • @peterchiotis - Peter Chiotis

    The Extons are taking Ws for all of us.

  • @m4neet - Maneet Ahlawat


  • @enzodellagatta - Enzo della Gatta

    That ass

  • @pyramidleasing - Pyramid Leasing

  • @mmmkkmmmarcus

    @joshkapoor rahrahrah

  • @jessicacottamx - Jessica Cottam collaborations↓

    Little pocket rocket

  • @mattymoostone - Matthew James Stone

    Wheres hes Green Huracan Spyder?

  • @chrisleetm - Chris Lee

    @tge_ldnm @je_ldnm Loving this, especially with the wrap, my chargrilled coconuts!

  • @usmankhan_7 - Usman Khan

    @tge_ldnm where’s the Omega collection video??? And which Omega...

  • @ubertechnic - Ubertechnic

  • @e_noriegas - H. Emmanuel Noriega Medina

  • @rajaambroisie - 🐲Ɍαյα🐉

    Classy ! Love luxurious cars

  • @bryngriffiths84 - Bryn

    Nice spec, looks so aggressive! Congrats!

  • @maximilianhoffmann - ♛ Maximilian Hoffmann®︎ ♛

  • @je_ldnm - James Exton

    @mattymoostone still got the huracan

  • @shainefletton - Shaine Fletton

    @je_ldnm is this as well as the Golf Gti or instead of? Beaut of a car though fella!

  • @je_ldnm - James Exton

    @shainefletton as well buddy, entirely different animal

  • @pobmond

    Nom nom

  • @shainefletton - Shaine Fletton

    @je_ldnm yeah I guess it is, enjoy!

  • @tge_ldnm - TGE

    @usmankhan_7 I didn’t bother in the end

  • @amanda_heron - A m a n d a


  • @_livealife_youwill_remember_ - #_*[email protected]¥ou₩illRemember_*

  • @remon_ - Remon


  • @willjordan88 - Will Jordan 🙃

    Loving the Satin blk! Get yourself a clio 182 trophy and throw it into the corners. Smiles for days

  • @utah.d - Dierckx Utah


  • @tylerbosworth3

    Get a new RS4 as a Defender replacement

  • @taniesianiepl - Nasiona Marihuany Seedbank

  • @suitedcars - SuitedCars

    Looks like a demon

  • @gymcreationsofficial - GymCreations ™

  • @kareldecoene - Karel Decoene | SFE | SFXplore

    @utah.d oeeeffff kk dik

  • @utah.d - Dierckx Utah

    @karel_dc jaaa jung echt lekker

  • @howie120 - Hywel Thomas

    Smart :)

  • @mattymoostone - Matthew James Stone

    @je_ldnm thats good you still have the Green Huracan

  • @bruno981_ - B.M ⚖️

    @lucasfernandiss PELO

  • @shaunbremner - S H A U N • 🌿 | 📸 | ☕️

    @louiscleggett jesus

  • @lucasfernandiss - Lucas Fernandes ®

    @bruno981_ caralhooo, mt monstro

  • @ameen_amg - Ameen


  • @ashraf_ali95 - Ashraf Ali


  • @clarkejames24 - James Clarke

    Stealth @tge_ldnm

  • @devanshire_ - Devan Distance

    @mickyp31 ayooo

  • @modified.coatings - Modified.Coatings

  • @_zahid - Zahid H.

    Looks awesome in matte black, defo needs the @nvmotorsport treatment =

  • @constructionldn - LDNConstruction

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NEW VIDEO LIVE! Guided tour of my latest acquisition AND the Harrods Black Bay Also you may notice I’ve been in a Mini recently as seen here; video dropping very soon explaining what’s gone on... Link in my bio now 812 spec video also coming this week. Finally - thank you for 90,000 subscribers! Giveaway & event at 100k soon come. #tgetv #chaos #pelagos #pelagoslhd #tudorwatch #womw

@tge_ldnm 206

Weekend ahoy Filming some big videos this weekend... Question is though more importantly, wing or no wing? #tgetv

@tge_ldnm 227

That time at @salonpriveuk when I won a @pirelli_uk award for my 720s, presented & chosen by an icon of the motoring world, knowing full well I had sold it & was throwing it in the sea the day after. Ahoy ️ #tgetv

@tge_ldnm 125

FINALLY booked in to spec my 812 at @ferraricol - been such a busy Blue on tan is a super strong contender. But unsure which blue, which tan & what colour wheels if so? Caliper colour? Also do I do any tailor made options like coloured carbon? Stripes? There are no supercar orders after this car meaning I won’t be selling it any time soon & I want to go town on the spec... Additional points for anyone that can correctly name this stunning special blue colour here! Hopefully I’ll have it in time for Le Mans next year too, @j_baker12 #tgetv #chaos #812superfast #f12berlinetta #ferrarif12

@tge_ldnm 216

Back to work today & feel like I need a holiday already. Or maybe a road trip... Suggestions? #tgetv

@tge_ldnm 220

I’ve just made a confession on my YouTube channel; go check it out & let me know if you think I’m wrong... May be unpopular but so be it Happy new year everyone anyway, & thanks for every bit of support to date. 2017 far surpassed what I ever thought I would be doing with my life & I owe that to you lot. I’m going to cause chaos in 2018 so do stay tuned Also if you haven’t already, get your fitness game into gear & get prepped properly with an LDNM Guide & Supps to hit 2018 running. All new game changing releases today at @ldn_muscle. Big shoutout to all those starting their journeys with LDNM this year ️ Much love to you all. Bless up. Final mention however to @ollymfawcett here - the man behind TGE TV. Hard working, talented, trustworthy, switched on, & all round a pleasure to work with. Give him & his firm a shout if you need any filming & production tings. #tgetv #aventadors #lamborghini #ahoyhoy #rah

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Happy new year everyone! 🥂 Time for new year, new you? Guys - if you want to ACTUALLY get in shape this year, & stay in it - join in & hop aboard the @ldn_muscle Cutting Guide; a fully comprehensive programme with all the diet, training, tips, advice you’ll need to get lean properly, & stay lean. Tried, tested & proven 10,000’s of times. Hit the link in my bio now. Available worldwide. Ladies have their own version, the Bikini Guide also launched today And no you don’t have to give up your job, give up drinking or burgers, or do 56 gym sessions a week. LDNM Guides are all designed for normal humans with normal busy lives - even I can stick to them! Make sure you tag me & @ldn_muscle with all your updates & progress along the way! Give me a rahhhhh in the comments if you’re getting involved! New video dropping tonight btw, 6pm. #ldnm #ldnmuscle #tgetv #chaos

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Happy New Year everyone! Still by my side this year as ever - brother, best friend & business partner @je_ldnm ️ Big day tomorrow at @ldn_muscle - everyone’s invited. Chaos predicted. Get in the pot. #twins #chaos

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BTS for @ldn_muscle recently️ HUGE day tomorrow! All new releases are launching! If you’re looking to shred bodyfat & develop lean muscle mass in 2018 - look no further & join us tomorrow - New Year’s Day first thing in the morning @ldn_muscle. So proud & excited. Chaos predicted once again. Get in the pot - look forward to seeing everyone’s journey! #ldnm #ldnmuscle #tgetv #chaos

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Where the story started with my first supercar; loved this thing. 2018 though will be chaos... The story so far & 2018 garage update video dropping New Year’s Day. New cars, bit of chat, my best moments & something controversial about an order I’ve pied off... New Year’s Day. 12pm Midday. TGE TV. RAH. #tgetv #lp580 #huracan #lamborghini @calwooo

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