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THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR! #truefriends #bluegangsta #michaeljackson #elizabethtaylor #brendaharveyrichie #lionelrichie "And I never thought I'd feel this way And as far as I'm concerned I'm glad I got the chance to say That I do believe, I love you And if I should ever go away Well, then close your eyes and try To feel the way we do today And then if you can remember Keep smiling, keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for For good times and bad times I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for Well, you came in loving me And now there's so much more I see And so by the way I thank you Oh and then for the times when we're apartWell, then close your eyes and know The words are coming from my heart And then if you can remember Keep smiling and keep shining Knowing you can always count on me, for sure That's what friends are for In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more That's what friends are for" #mj #moonwalkers #neverland & Lifelong Friends! ACTUAL Friends, RealLove!!!!


The Very Talented, Remarkable and Stunning Film Star LEGEND! The Superlative - Elizabeth Taylor! Michal Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, Two ICONIC STARS, became Friends in the 1980’s. Their Unbreakable Friendship Grew CLOSER THAN CLOSE over the years, considering each other Family. They cared Deeply for one another, they Loved each other Dearly. No stone unturned.Shared the Most Private of things Together. Spent nights Together as the BEST of Friends. They BONDED so tight, they were inseparable even when apart! Having This Strong Connection with each other was even MORE Evident when ELIZABETH TAYLOR WAS PRESENT FOR MICHAEL JACKSON 24/7 During those FALSE Malicous EVIL Money GRUBBIN’ allegations against him by Shana Mangatal’s TWINS’… The Chandler’s 93’ and Arvizo’s 03! #obsessed #stalker #mangatal WAS NOT THERE, EVER, either time being that She was of NO IMPORTANCE WHAT-SOEVER!!!!! THE DISHONESTY OF THIS CELEBRITY FANATIC’S words written in her Tabloid FABLE about her OVER THE OFFICE PHONE ONLY “support” of Him (When Michael would phone His Manager’s Office) regarding the 93’ False accusations was BS! It was Mangatal’s Fantasy, knowing there Was NOTHING of any kind, NO “romance NOR actual friendship” with Michael… As She sat drooling and being Envious of others in Michael’s Life and Already then Was Conspiring #deceit while She answered the incoming coming calls at His 90’s manager’s office, Gallin Morey – As She, the receptionist/ THIEF - Of MJ’s video content, Documents, FAN MAIL SNATCHER and Stealing Multiple Celebrity Telephone Numbers/ A GOSSIPER/ GROUPIE to the Stars and her Being MJ’S #1 STALKER of OVER 30 LONG YEARS!!!!! How Dare $candalous Shana treat Grand Dame - Elizabeth Taylor, this way! Mangatal’s very Dangerous sociopathic behavior being at THE FILTHY “BOTTOM OF THE BARREL” is very well Known around Los Angeles! There is NO ONE Exempt from Shana Mangatal’s Sociopathic Evilness – Including Elizabeth Taylor! Even though THIS FAKE “Mistake” may post Narcissistic Personality Disordered Selfies on REPEAT. #moneygrubbin ' #noninnocent #lying #deceiving #gruesome #ghoul #obsessed #stalker #evil #devilish

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - THE MangaTal-Tales THIS will be the Only FOLLOW-UP to the Previous Set of Posts Regarding #shanasshade Toward #beyonce ! Another Michael Jackson Fan had innocently made a comment In a online comment to Shana Mangatal's FB status (2017) in reference to her very "LOW BLOW" and Unnecessary Post about Beyonce a while back (Scroll Down). As You Can See, Shana Mangatal's Usual type of Airy, Blatant BIG MOUTHED, DISRESPECTUL RESPONSE. This is the REAL HER... Con Artist at Best, Momentarily sits aside the FALSE "innocent ACT" which She USES to #deceive ... ANY AND EVERYONE on an On-Going DAILY BASIS! Her Response Here is a Two-Fold: 1. Beyonce #hater , #mjfaker - 2. Hollywood WhistleBLOWER #michaeljackson #kingofpop #bluegangsta #moonwalkers #mjfan #bravotv #beyonce #beyhive #deceitful #liar #michaelandme #bookstagram #barnsnnoble #fakegirlfriend #dirtydiana #escort #obsessed #stalker #deceit #lies #fanfiction #bnbuzz #la #own #sony


Evil Quotes from Shana Mangatal's TABLOID TRASH... “It seemed everyone was hoping Michael would stop constantly hanging with boys”... WHY $candalous Shana???? Being THAT this quote (between her.and ”Alan”) was SUPPOSEDLY said to her in December 1992 in Japan at MJ’s Dangerous Tour when Shana Mangatal’s REASONS for being there was NOT told to you Honestly by her… HOWEVER, in short for now… The FALSE allegations Didn’t really occur until A YEAR LATER, IN 1993! But for Mangatal to even Write THIS in the First place!!!!! Look, She KNEW what She was doing when her Lying fingers got to typing and plotted to tell a False story about a #fakeromance “I noticed Michael staring at Kendall, the adorable ten year old blond boy who was the main star of the video. I said to Michael, he’s so cute. Michael did not say a word, he just gazed off into the distance with a faraway look”… SINISTER $HANA is a LIAR!... The EVILS within this Beast *We DIGRESS! NO further comment!!!!! “I heeeeeard that Elizabeth called Mrs. Jackson the next day to tell her personally about Michael’s addiction problem. She told his mother the whole sad story. I was also given the gory details by one of Michael’s friends. I sat in shock”… *AND AGAIN Shana Mangatal IS A LIAR & FULL OF PURE BS!!!! “With all of Michael's unpredictable and erratic behavior…”… *A LIAR! If you trust her, then you are SADLY mistaken! One day you Won’t and someday you will Kick your own tail for falling for her Evil Manipulatons! “She (Lisa Marie Presley) said that they do have s…x but Michael uses it to control her. He withholds it to barter for other things he wants. He makes her think that she wants it more than he does and he uses that to his advantage”… This quote references Michael and LMP. OH the Evils WITHIN Dirty Shana Mangatal when She wrote this but Blames someone else for saying it… BUT YET, SHE WROTE IT DOWN OVER 20 YEARS LATER, in 2016, FOR THE PUBLIC TO O READ! The girl is SO $CANDALOUS! "Tried to TAKE AWAY my money and all my doggone Time… SO DEADLY DANGEROU$"! #michaelandme #mjfans #michaeljackson #bluegangsta #stalker #dangerous #scandalous #dirtydiana

LIAR --> "I had your back then and I willl always have it" -$.M. BUT What $INISTER $HANA Really means IS... 'I Stabbed you in the Back Then and I Will ALWAYS Stab It' $LICK, $LY and WICKED Shana Mangatal #lies like running water from a dripping faucet! This Sinister Backstabber has NEVER had MJ's back... Been too busy trying Only to get to the front! #dontdohos #scream #bravotv #michaeljackson #bluegangsta #michaelandme #theajzone #queensugar #comedy #oldschool #actor #actress #author #authorsofinstagram #book #michaelandme #instagram #dream #inspire #classictv #own #oprah #hollywood #alldondre #kadeemhardison #fox

October 2017 There is Much We Don't say. We just Say enough! #michaeljackson 'S #dedicated #moonwalkers #fans #speak #stopdogginmearound ! There WAS/ IS #bloodonthedancefloor The fan Fanatic photo that the #slick & #sly Known Groupie, Shana Mangatal took with Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson last year was a $neaky ill-gotten "photo OP" to make it Appear as an endorsement ("by family") to make her then released Tabloid Trash book APPEAR credible! Orchestrated by her USUAL Manipulative Tactics and being in cahoots with another to get the #famewhorin ' Pic NOW REMOVED... #devious Mangatal sold it Off as a truth instead of the LIE that it Really Was! She Deviously constructed a plan to take a photo with a celebrity! But in this case it was Michael Jackson own Father! Shana Mangatal DOESN'T CARE Morals or whether She steps on ones toes to get what She wants and Nothing is surprising when it comes to her... This woman has even #stalked The Children! #michaeljackson #bluegangsta #stalker #notinnocent #obsessed #michaelandme #bravotv #cali #la #model #actress

NO Dignified Person wants NONE of This TRICK'S Unsavory TREATS! When the undercover S_xual DEVIANT, Shana Mangatal, who KEEPS trying to Fool the masses with her PHONY "Innocent Act", spoke of this freeze frame for the past few years (Reposting it ON REPEAT throughout social Media), her Promiscuous $elf said, "Michael liked my facial expressions". $candalous Shana was talking about the OPENED mouth scene of her as an EXTRA in MJ's "GHOSTS" Short Film! But what $lick $hana was REALLY referring to was, is her very Disturbed s#xual fantasies of Michael Jackson. Mangatal's Fable of LIES, TABLOID TRASH! #norespect #noregard #noclass ! Quote from her Tabloid Trash - About that FALSE Night in 1996... "Then he asked if I had ever kissed anyone down there before"... She's EVIL... "I told him I hadn't"... And We Told her that $he's A LIE!!!!! "At this point I was so tipsy and turned on, I was willing to try anything"... Her Scheming choice of words Always diluting her part in it to keep up her 'Innocent ACT', SHE'D ALREADY DID SOMEBODY ELSE'S "IT" and the tipsy part is BS, Shana Mangatal has DROOLED for MJ since BEFORE She was TWELVE years OLD! #undercover #freakoftheweek ! "He guided me down there and I... I KISSED IT'" Oh Really Sha Nah Nah! "I really didn't know what to do now but I tried".. This part of the quote is Pure EROTOMANIA INFANTILISM. $candalous Shana toys about s#x on an average basis while Pushing her longtime "innnocent act"! Wanting a lollipop and a bottle - Use your imagination Folks... OR JUST ASK HER WHAT THAT MEANS! "He coached me, telling me exactly how he liked it" This female is a LIAR FROM THE PITS OF HER OWN LIVING HELL! GIRL... YOU ARE SO DEMENTEDLY DANGEROUS! DISGUST! #michaeljackson #bluegangsta #dangerous #mjfam #moonwalkers #cali #la #disgusting #stalker #obsesssed #liar

This Wonderful Night was about #thriller #mj & #olaray ! In This Post Pic - The MOST DESPISED MJ GROUPIE carried her LIE filled life again over to her keyboard by typing a post as though $he was was giving a Sick thank you speech for a Z LIST award! The only academy $.M. has ever been "involved with" is "TheBoysInTheBandTrainCLUB"! #fact So... What Memo did KNOWN $TALKER Shana Mangatal NOT get?... That This Night ALSO was NOT about her? Well, The Obsessed would had IGNORED that memo, as She DID, and proceeded as She has done for Over 30 DEMENTED Years! #unashamed #heartless #evilpursuit of MJ! Mangatal STALKED Michael Jackson for over 30 Years, then Planted Fake "romance stories" online into the minds of his Most Dedicated FANS within the past 10 Years. She Pursued those False Fables about Him and wrote it out as a LIE filled truth in her Tabloid book of DECEIT. Mangatal has STALKED His Children as Obsessively as She did Him. Has Disrespected and Harrassed His Fans and Family on a daily and like clock work sent young girls to their online Profiles to Harrass and Bully them. Shana Mangatal, Being FRIENDS with PETER MIDANI and $hamelessly enjoying his FOUL behavior is Inexcusable! This Menacing woman has Beguiled Many people behind her Multiple Fake Online accounts, Posing as someone else from all over the world, down to her Devious party Crashing at The Michael Jackson #scream Event , Oct. 2017. STALKER Shana is the Most ABHORENT! If you can't see it now... You Will ! And if you DON'T want to see it... "You Are Guilty By Association"! #michaeljackson #bluegangsta #moonwalkers #armyoflove #neverland #ghosts #mjfam #mjfanclub #heartbreakhotel #dangerous #whosbad ? #hebad #king #kop #stalker #obsessed #actress #michaelandme #oldschool #author #book #bravotv