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I love placing books! Today I'm in Falmouth, Cape Cod!️


These flowers are so gorgeous, I had to take a photo and post them!

What a gorgeous day to leave a couple books in Central Park!

I'm staying in Times Square for my summer vacation and I hid a couple books last night. When I placed this book down, I looked away for about a minute and it was gone. I'm happy someone took it and I hope they enjoy reading it!


My sister and I hid a couple of books today in south beach! I wonder who will find them🤔🤔🤔


Blue and I got our #bookfairystickers today!! We can't wait to stick them on some of our favorite books and share them! • Blue is a Parrotlette and an amputee. Because of the loss of his right foot, he couldn't do much but sit there. A little while later, he learned to adapt to his disability and managed to get around. Today he is happy and healthy!

Do you know what type of butterfly this caterpillar will turn into? Fun fact! There are about 180,000 different types of caterpillars! Answer to question: A monarch butterfly.

This is a beautiful photo of the gorgeous cliffs and ocean at the Mayan Ruins of Mexico.