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Makeup, lingerie, dolls and erotic art all bring me comfort. These are all things I love to collect, and they bring comfort to my anxiety and depression. Not that I'm feeling like this right now. But I've had people have a misconception of me posting "provactive" pictures. I just like wearing clothes that make me feel sexy. I'm a young woman and I have all the right to do that. I love taking pictures of me in lingerie because I see it as art, and I like looking at it. And for makeup is a must for me. You all know that bold lips are my #1 accessory. And I love erotic art because well, it's sexy to me and I love anything to do with bdsm. I've loved dolls all my life and I think they are super adorable and they make me happy like a little girl So if I like to show off all these things I love that are apart of me,I'm going to show it off and not have shame


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Couple of things: #1 - The furries who said to use a slicker brush on MONGOLIAN SHAG and that it would just lay down all neatly brushed were wrong. I already knew such and a few of us truly did attempt to point out that Monglian Shag is literally messy wavy ON PURPOSE #2 - Someone had told me that with a fine toothed metal slicker, you could fluff it like yarn. I was skeptical because I didnt want it ruining the texture of the fibers, breaking too many off (this thinning the fabric and also cotton candy feeling). Turns out if you very very gently attack it like yarn art, you can fluff it just like yarn art, not pull a ton of fibers, and it will be MUCH softer and silkier than it is off the bolt. The way that fur is manufactured leaves it clumpy and in a sense, slightly matted up. Thats just the way its made to look. For some reason its popular for fur pillows and fur rugs- also Ive seen a lot of blankets made from it too. While Im still not over the moon about the stuff, especially its retail price vs its quality, I will say that this method is a good way to turn it around into a more appropriate textile and more user friendly. Would I buy more of it? Nope! Not for me, but if you like it and youre looking for that fluffed yarn look WITHOUT the hard work of yarning- that is a fabric for you!