some days you wake up early, take care of your body and be awfully productive. You walk a kilometre or five. You feel gratitude, you hug your friends, you sing to your favourite song and go to bed with a smile on your face. You ask for more such days. You feel blessed to be alive.  On other days, you sleep in late, you feel lazy and you forget to workout. You eat rubbish, and push yourself to step out so you feel better. But you don't. You curl up in your bed, shed a tear or thousand and question everything. You stare up at the ceiling or look at yourself in the mirror and feel pity. You don't wish these days upon anyone. Instead of 11:30, you try to go to sleep at 7:30pm. You can't sleep though. More importantly, you forget that the difficult period is when you grow. You transition, you become a better and more conscious version of you.  Embrace the tough times, brave one. That's when your hunger for a better life develops. P.S- Hunt down the crescent moon in the picture, its so gorgeous #sunset #portraits #dusk #days