#60secondspill -------------------- I'm sure all of you would agree with this... -------------------- The amount of information floating around the internet regarding diets for weight loss is absolutely insane! -------------------- It's no wonder why so many people give up or lose hope when it comes to achieving their own health and fitness goals - Social media has projected the idea that losing weight is complex, but it really isn't! -------------------- Today I'm going to give you guys the facts about weight loss. -------------------- There's such a lack of authenticity in this industry so I want to be as real with you guys as I can. -------------------- If we really want to make a difference in New Zealand, we need to be 100% real instead of trying to make an extra dollar out of potentially vulnerable people by over-complicating things. -------------------- #mindsharpfitness

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Mantequilla de cacahuete 🤤 . 🥛Kefir casero (creo que ha sido el mayor descubrimiento de este año, el poder hacerlo en casa ) Frutos rojos Muesli de amaranto y espelta Mantequilla de cacahuete 🥜 . LLUEVE️ . #yummy #bodybuilding #foodlovers #foodstagram #eresloquecomes #lifestyle #workout #bienestar #yourself #healthyfood #healthychoices #lovefood #comesano #eatclean #dietetics #nutrition #nodiet #saludable #healthy #foodie #cooking #salud #sanoyrico #breakfast #desayunosentarros #autumn #pb #kefir

The Marina Souq is launching a second location in the majestic surroundings of the Dubai Polo Club. If you have just moved houses, started holiday shopping or are looking for a fun afternoon activity with your best friends, save this date: November 8. . . . In the meantime, we’re back under the Palm Trees of Zabeel Park this Friday from 9am to 4pm. See you there.

Ynglings kombi Gårdagens morgenmad bliver helt sikkert gentaget igen i dag - "ultimative chocolate" grød med chiafrø toppet med skyr, kanel og peanutbutter ------------ Dagen starter helt perfekt med en træning af skuldre, bi- og triceps inden den står på lidt hygge derhjemme og så job til kl 18 endnu engang