Man it’s been a while since I have been on here and posted I have been having a few crazy and stressful months and in that time I pushed my goals and my self care to the back burners. Well on Monday after a painful Sunday(no idea what caused the horrible pain) I decided to put myself first again. I have backslide all the way Down the mountainside and it will take a lot for me to get back to the peak but I am not going to give up. In the next few months I will have to relearn so much and I will have to learn to forgive myself. I have a hard time looking in the mirror and not hating myself for letting me get to this point again. After getting to my lowest weight I said I would never get to this weight again and here I am upset and hating myself for what I have done (or haven’t done). I need to start loving myself for who I am at the moment and for what I have to offer the world instead of hating myself and wishing I had other things to offer. I will live in the present happy and joyful taking on this new challenge day by day insteading of dwelling on the past and hating myself or living in the future sad I am not there yet. Here is to a bright and lovable present and learning to just live in the moment and being happy️️ #newme #selfcare #startfromthebeginning #startingover #workingonme #welderswife #oilfieldwife #mommaof2 #stopselfhate #lovemyself #daybyday #liveinthemoment

After the big move and weeks of being really sick, my workout room is finally finished and ready to use. I used it a couple times last week just trying to do something although I had been sick, but today I finally mounted the TV and that means it is ready to go (and I feel well enough to push play on something today). #getitdone #rise2live #lovemyself #idoitforme