10 Things You should Never Say to a #photographer 1 - your camera takes really nice pictures 2 - can't you just Photoshop that? 3 - I wont to invite you to (birthday, wedding, event). You should bring your camera! 4 - why is the background all blury like that? 5 - can you make it black and white but leave our eyes in colour? 6 - geze! You charge that much?!? We only have to pay 19.99 sitting fee at sears! 7 - I'll just print them at Wal-Mart 8 - Gosh your job must be so easy! You just click a button all day 9 - what's the discount if I edit the pictures myself? There's this great program called .... 10 - can you take your watermark off the photos you posted on fb? My mom wonts to print them. #photorgaphy #photographerissues #photographyissues #photomeme #memes #dontsaytoaphotographer #theresalwaysone

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