lmao i dont. sel has always been my role model for as long as i can remember, and she will continue to be. idgaf wether she can sing, or act. thats not the only damn reason i stan her. because imagine stanning someone for only their looks+voice lol yikes

get ready for a long ass rant: 1. yes i fucking stan a “hypocrite” dont you think i know how many times shes been in the wrong? and trust me i fucking know how many times I MYSELF have called her out for it. for example, when she was TAKING UP FOR TAYLOR. i was pissed, and then it brought to my attention the blm and how she didnt speak up, i was pissed, once again. i didnt make up an excuse for me not to be mad at her, because she was in the wrong 100%. but i didnt unstan. 2. LUPAS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. You don’t know when symptoms will strike or how long a flare could last, and over time, SLE can even lead to organ damage. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM SHOULD IT BE A JOKE TO YOU BY CALLING HER THAT. you are disgusting. want to see how fucking awful lupas is, and what she has to go through? look it up. and then come back to me and tell me if you could work your ass off and do all the fucking things shes did WHILE HAVING THESE SYMPTOMS. sorry guys i was going to sleep but this just pissed me off:)

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