#macro Trigonic record keepers these are on the Spirit Quartz from my last post . . . . A recordkeeper crystal is one that has been programmed energetically with divine knowledge from the past. Recordkeepers all have a sacred symbol, most often a triangle engraved on the face of the crystal. These triangles can be difficult to see and may appear and disappear.  You have to look for them carefully by examining the faces. The wisdom comes through differently from each type of recordkeeping formation. The triangle is the first symbol of the holy trinity. It represents the perfect balance achieved when the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being are aligned with a point of spiritual light at the top. The recordkeeping triangles serve as the eye of the crystal and as a doorway into powerful wisdom Recordkeepers are generally found in a triangle shape. These shapes can either be raised from the surface or sunken in. -Raised Recordkeepers The raised form provides access to universal information. ⏬ -Sunken Recordkeepers Sunken recordkeepers may connect more with personal information and spiritual history or prophecy. -Trigonic Recordkeepers Trigonic recordkeepers are the rarest of all quartz formations. They have a triangle etching pointing down away from the apex of the termination. Trigonic recordkeepers assist with transition in life and awareness of the multidimensional universe through death into the center of existence. Trigonic record keepers hold records of the future. They provide insight into the true nature of the future; cyclical, fluid, ever changing. They remind us that the future is never standing still, it is formed in each moment, always moving through time and space. Trigonic record keepers teach us to flow with this unknown future and helps to stay grounded in the present. . . . . . . #wirewrap #crystals #quartz #elevated_vibrations_ #goddess #queen #selfie #nature #labradorite #witch #spirituality #art #energy #stoner #stonergirl #burningman #vibes #onelove #420 #710 #heady #consciousness #sacredfemine #knowledgeofself #ancientknowledge