•October 2016 Vs. October 2017• I can’t even believe this is real. I am so shocked to see the difference in myself a year apart. I am only two and a half months on T and so far I think I look great! I have so much more confidence in myself these days. I’m so happy, I’m in tears. Life is so good.

I said it best back then. Happy birthday moma.

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One of my photo apps put this together as a now and then. I was kinda shocked- there is almost 10 years, 2 kids, and 1500 miles between these two photos. And yet... other than knowing how to take a better photo now I look almost the same (perhaps because I know how to pose & light now?) ... Except my eyes... I think you can see the time passing in my gaze. . . . #thenandnow #seattleartist #artistmom

When I was a young twenty something, I went to a home bible study and a man had prophesied over me that God was going to bless me with an amazing man of God to be my husband, someone who was perfect for just me...BUT I was going to have to wait years for him because God was doing a work in both of us. He had told me to not lose heart because this man would be worth the wait. In celebrating 9 years of marriage today, I can whole-heartedly say Preston is worth every single day of waiting. Over the years of our adventures together, he has loved me, inspired me, taught me, believed in me, challenged me, prayed over me, and sharpened me into becoming more of who I have been created to be. I am so incredibly thankful to God for him and the life we share together! #happy9thbaby #worththewait #thenandnow

Meet Andrew, our Site Coordinator at Anishinabe Academy, a Native American magnet school in south Minneapolis. Andrew, who was a statistics minor in college, decided to serve with Reading Partners because we “aggregate data from students, tutors, and school staff in order to make purposeful decisions based on empirical evidence.” His favorite children’s book is Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” because it taught him “the power of the imagination and the necessity of appreciating what you have.” #americorps #thenandnow