Hello people! Got another autumn shot for you with some landscape ;) I could walk there for eternity ▪️ Enjoy your sunday my friend

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And this is a shot of the path to the shore :) the lightplay amazes me ▪️ I got nightshift today again and it's gonna be a 90's party ;) looking forward :) what did you plan for this evening?

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Hello folks! Got another reflection for you guys :) I also went outside yesterday as I came back from a friend in the night was worth it ;) ▪️ I wish you a nice saturday :) see you later

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Good evening :) I hope you all survived this week this is another shot of the sunset above our "Rheinland" :) Enjoy ▪️ I also wanted to thank you guys for your support :) I really appreciate it enjoy your weekend

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Good day :) got another capture of my trip with a friend of mine. As we went up that hill I just saw this tree with the perfect light and I just snapped - stop! And captured! ▪️ I hope you you will have a wonderful friday :) see ya later...

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Suprise! This shot is from the day I posted a landscape of the rhine. This is an overlook with tourists on that platform anonymed by beautiful silhouettes facing the sunset ▪️ I decided to return there with my tripod cause the pictures turned out very crappy have a good night world

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Good evening folks ;) this is the same bike track at the beach I already posted but now we see the path I‘ve passed to get to the location ▪️ This light is really beautiful I hope you enjoy it too and have a great evening :)

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Good day people and welcome to Thursday shot this at the path to the shore cause I wanted light, reflections, trees and something close :) There are many different spots to do this ;) ▪️ Glad you all like my videos too ;) still got some left have a nice day my friend :)

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There‘s light at the end of the tunnel! As you may have noticed I‘m back in business of hearts ;) ▪️ I wish you a great evening see you tomorrow️

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Here‘s something special for you just to give you a better picture. I stood on the road to the village and filmed those lakes you surely know ;) ▪️ See you Thursday

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Good evening :) I already shot this motive in 2016 as I was there but I just wanted to find a better way to capture it and here we are this is a bike track leading along the beach ▪️ After being unblocked for a while I just got blocked again - sorry guys... but I had to see what I missed This is forcing me to stop my posts till thursday I hope you come back enjoy your evening :)

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Happy reflective monday This is the perfect mirror for fall :) just fyi: I‘m free to like again ▪️ I wish you all the best for the day :)

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Another week is ending to make some room for another one - running in circles ▪️ I wish you a good start into the new week :) thanks for your time

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Hey there.... just giving you some other stuff :) I was standing on that bridge at my favorite spot while shooting this ▪️ See you in the evening my friend

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Happy sunday️I thought I show you some closer motives today ;) starting now ▪️ Sorry that I can‘t like back. I‘m still blocked... I return tomorrow have a nice day

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The focus is not on this sunset but it still plays a role for this caption Have a great evening folks! ▪️ There were many bridges I gotta admit but it‘s up to me to put it in different frames see you tomorrow

@2ryitarts 61

Brought you some reflections doped with some fall autumn reveals so many contrast we just gotta admire ;) ▪️ Hope the next one can‘t escape my lense :) and you guys have a great day

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Wonderful Saturday to you my friends! here‘s another impression of the nature in the netherlands: starring... another bridge plus lake (you‘ve seen the trees on the right already but the sun stood exactly over it) ▪️ I wish you all the best for your rest of the weekend

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Here you got a little extra gift cause I just had to turn my camera around to shoot this this is our well known bridge from the other side at night :) a street light is giving this tree it‘s shine ▪️ Bye

@2ryitarts 80

This picture was shot in that bungalow park „salvator hoeve“ at the lake near the bridge I showed you I was really happy for the trees and this lovely sky full of stars ▪️ Thank you for this lovely week and I hope we‘ll have so many others ;) take care in the night

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