Forcing myself to go out and check on jobs etc. today. Also going to find a clinic to put my shoulder back where it’s supposed to be. Being in bed was killing me.

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The last week has been a mess. This woman here is who is holding it all together with love and a smile. She is literally doing everything. She has taken over almost all of my responsibilities as far as our business is concerned, even going so far as to get hands on and help with physical labor because I cannot! She has also been by my side for every possible moment in the hospital all week, she continues to make sure our daughter is getting to and from school at the right times, helps Annabelle with her homework, has somehow managed to keep the house spotless despite us having multiple visitors, has continued to keep the office side of the business in shape, has provided hot meals and fresh smoothies multiple times a day (I still can’t eat yet), has been my nurse lovingly, delicately, and thoroughly cleaning and dressing my wounds, keeping track of when I have to take all these stupid pills, she has run all of our business and personal errands, all while being encouraging to myself and confident in herself, despite her being forced out of her comfort zone, and literally doing the work of two or more people. The amount of weight on her shoulders, and the way she has chosen to carry it, is truly inspirational. I feel extremely fortunate that I am the person that she has chosen to give her unfaltering love and adoration to. @_crystal_pistol_ you are truly the most amazing woman I have ever or will ever meet.

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Glad to be home with my girls. I can always count on them to ham it up for daddy.🤡

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Super bummed I'm going to miss out on @rowdy_house first bike night. Get yourselves downtown and soak up some hangs! It's a great night for a ride, don't forget your helmets! #supportlocal

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Back home... a good descriptive for the right side of my body would be "fucked", but I'm still here, have all my pieces, and will be back it in a couple/few months. Thanks to everyone for reaching out with well wishes and so much more. I'm the type of person that does not like to burden others with my problems, but this last week has shown me that I've got even better friends than I thought. Whether I wanted help or not these guys have my back, and for that I'm more than thankful. @rustkulture @rowdy_house @dynamocycle @dangdano @overtimeskateshop @dang_dave @albertrevino @biltwell @slovy__ @screenrippers @purplehays361 @donshapiro @whatsthetrouble @cheapthrills88 #wikoff @jerremyeaves @teddynich @boardhousetx @azunsk8r @nomadicsin69 @_counterculture_ @galindodevin @barnyardgoddess1949 @npgogirl @nicolettereneee

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Thanks for the well wishes everyone. My helmet and my experience are what minimized damage. 3 broken ribs, a few other bangers and bruises, and I'll get a couple plates of metal in my face to hold that shit together. I was wearing a full face helmet, and was in full control during an unavoidable accident. Think about that before you ride in a half face or no helmet at all.

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Note to self: don't touch the hot parts.

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Shakedown runs coming soon. If don't break any of the shit I made, I'll make it nicer. If I do break the shit I made, I'll make it better.

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Well, whenever I can start it, I'll be able to stop it....

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