This photogenic little nook on #kangarooisland looks like the ideal spot to spend #summer , right?! In fact @authentickangarooisland , which lies off the mainland of @southaustralia , has a lovely average temperature of 25°C in summer. We think that’s absolutely perfect weather to spend exploring the island’s 540 kilometres of coastline, whether you choose to snorkel, fish and sandboard…. or simply find a nice quiet spot to float around for a few hours Photo: @airloft #seesouthaustralia #southaustralia #adventure #travel #coast

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Lavender for days at @bridestoweestate in @tasmania Take a tour of this incredible #lavender farm on our Instagram Stories now! ⬆️ The rows of lavender here are currently in full bloom so it's an excellent time to visit. The usual time to see the flowers in all their purple glory is from December through to early February, though this can vary slightly depending on the conditions of the season. #bridestoweestate is just a 45-minute drive from the city of #launceston in @northerntasmania , making it an easy day trip. Photo: @paulinacaine #seeaustralia #discovertasmania #northerntasmania #explore #travel

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Sending you a slice of summer perfection from Tuncurry Rockpool in the @greatlakesnsw This ridiculously beautiful spot is around 3.5 hours' drive north of @sydney , and is a summer family favourite. You can swim, snorkel or float the day away in the crystal clear waters; be sure to keep an eye out for dolphins that regularly splash about here. If you'd rather be chasing waves than dolphins, grab a board and head over the break wall to Tuncurry Beach - the swell's particularly good on a sou-wester (that's the wind direction, in Aussie lingo!). Photo: #seeaustralia #newsouthwales #lovethegreatlakes #explore #travel #summer

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We know you love quokkas, but there’s more to @rottnestislandwa in @westernaustralia than its famous furry residents! We're referring to the 83 beautiful beaches and bays that can be found dotted around the coastline, each one unique in its own way, and all of them absolutely postcard-perfect. Some of the most popular spots that are not to be missed include The Basin, Little Parakeet Bay, Geordie Bay and Little Salmon Bay. You’re welcome Photo: @jasonnesbitt #rottnestisland #justanotherdayinwa #nature #travel #island

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Warning, you may want to take a seat - this photo could induce dizziness! The staggering view here is from the tip of #capehauy in @tasmania , which you'll reach on the final day of the spectacular #threecapestrack . For those who prefer a little touch of luxury and to walk with a guide, the brand new @greatwalksofoz Three Capes Lodge walk run by @taswalkingco will be right up your alley. Think deluxe private lodges, fine Tasmanian food and wine and massage treatments at the end of a long day of hiking. Bliss! Photo: @pierredestribatsphotography #seeaustralia #greatwalksofaustralia #discovertasmania #explore #hiking #travel

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Who's up for a midweek massage? This adorable swamp wallaby joey's name is Ruby and, as you can see here, she's rather partial to a good rub under the chin. She's being hand-raised by the dedicated team of keepers at @symbiozoo in @visitnsw after being rejected by her mother. Symbio Wildlife Park is open seven days a week and is just an hour south of @sydney , so it makes for an easy day trip - the resident wallabies would love to meet you! Video: @symbiozoo #seeaustralia #ilovesydney #newsouthwales #wildlife #travel

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In @sydney , going to the cinema is a rather spectacular affair! This is the @stgeorgeopenair cinema, which is located on the waterfront adjacent to the @rbgsydney. This incredible outdoor #cinema runs until 21 February and offers sweeping views of #sydney harbour, including the famous @sydneyoperahouse and #sydneyharbourbridge . Gates open at 6:15pm and the films start at 8:30pm, so there's plenty of time to admire the views with a glass of bubbles in hand. Sounds like the perfect evening, if you ask us! Photo: @jacintafraser #seeaustralia #stgeorgeopenair #ilovesydney #newsouthwales #travel

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We can see why @tom.ella.moments described #brunyisland as a highlight of their #roadtrip in @tasmania - how sensational is that 360-degree view?! This spot is the Bruny Island Neck and it’s not only an epic place to take photos, it’s also an important habitat for native wildlife. You can see little penguins and short-tailed shearwaters returning to their burrows at dusk from viewing platforms here, and the warmer months are the best time of year to spot them. Photo: @tom.ella.moments #discovertasmania #tasmania #island #view #explore #travel #nature

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Freshwater Beach, you really are a beauty! This gorgeous @sydney beach is tucked around the corner from the famous Manly Beach, and although it's popular with locals, it's not often on visitors' radar. The surf here is excellent; in fact, Manly-Freshwater as a combined precinct was officially named Australia’s first World Surfing Reserve. If waves aren't your cup of tea, there's an ocean pool at the northern end of the beach, and the good news is it's free of charge to take a dip. Photo: @kittycatuk #ilovesydney #surfing #travel #explore #photooftheday

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"Come on in, the water's beautiful!" - You can't really blame the local emus for wanting to cool off in the crystal clear waters of the #coffinbaynationalpark - it's a pretty sensational spot! You'll find this blissful beach (and plenty of others) on the @eyrepeninsula , which you can reach via a one-hour flight to @port_lincoln from @southaustralia 's capital city of Adelaide. Photo: @thegreatescapeaustralia #eyrepeninsula #seesouthaustralia #travel #photooftheday #explore

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Talk about a secluded swimming spot @jasmin_maccoll discovered this idyllic waterhole whilst cruising around the #buccaneerarchipelago in @thekimberleyaustralia with @ahoybuccaneers. To reach this special place she sailed north of #broome for a few days, before jumping into a smaller boat and taking a scenic ride past majestic cliffs. After seeing this stunning pic, surely you’ll agree that the journey to get here was well worth the effort! Why the ladder, you might ask? Crocs can’t climb them, creating a safe place to take a dip Photo:@jasmin_maccoll #thekimberley #justanotherdayinwa #australiasnorthwest #explore #travel #adventure

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Game on - the @australianopen  kicks off today! Thousands of spectators will be flooding through the gates of @visitmelbourne 's @rodlaverarena today as one of the global tennis calendar's biggest events, the @australianopen , gets underway. There are only four Grand Slam events in the world and the two-week #ausopen is the first each year, kicking off the annual tennis calendar before players follow the circuit to the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. One thing's for sure, it's set to be a thrilling summer of #tennis here in Australia! Photo: @australianopen #seeaustralia #visitmelbourne

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Sunset balcony views from @crownresorts  in @experienceperth. Terrible, right?! These candy-coloured skies were captured by the aptly named @candyperth on a recent stay at #crownperth , which is just a stone's throw from the CBD and is the ideal place to stay if you're visiting @westernaustralia 's capital city. The Crown precinct is home to 39 restaurants and bars, a nightclub, a 2,300-seat theatre, and a range of awesome recreational facilities including a resort-style pool, day spa, retail shops and riverside cycling trails. You might need more than just one night here, by the sounds of it! Photo: @candyperth #seeperth #justanotherdayinwa #explore #travel #photooftheday #sunset

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Who said tree forks were for sitting in?! There's always one that stands out from the crowd, and at @bonorong wildlife sanctuary in @tasmania , Luwanna the koala is that special individual! This quirky #koala plays by her own rules and lives a very comfortable life chilling at this sanctuary near @hobartandbeyond. You can meet Luwanna her other native Aussie animal friends by visiting #bonorong Sanctuary, which is open every day of the year, including Christmas Day. Photo: @jason_instagraham #discovertasmania #wildlifephotography #explore #travel #photooftheday

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Plans for today: take a stroll down this jetty on @fitzroyisland , followed by a dip in the crystal clear waters then a nap under a shady tree. You? There's no need to be jealous, because this idyllic tropical island is within easy reach of the city of #cairns in @tropicalnorthqueensland , and Cairns is accessible by air from almost every major city in Australia. Once you arrive in Cairns, it's just a 45-minute ferry trip over to #fitzroyisland , where clean sand, clear water and lush greenery awaits. Photo: @brettmcintosh_photographicart #exploretnq #thisisqueensland #travel #photooftheday #wanderlust

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Give us a moment, we're just admiring #uluru - it looks incredible even from a distance, don't you think?! Not to mention the contrast of the vibrant red sand with the azure blue skies; throw in a few clouds, and you've got a recipe for the perfect photo like this one by @sylvia_travels. If you're a serious photographer, a good quality camera will certainly bring out the best of this striking part of @visitcentralaus. For those who rely on a smartphone camera, don't despair - this rock is particularly photogenic, so just keep your horizon level and you'll be laughing! Photo: @sylvia_travels #exploreuluru #seeuluru #ntaustralia #redcentrent #travel

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Even turtles feel compelled to stop and admire the beauty of @ladyelliotislandecoresort every now and then! Located in @queensland ’s @southerngreatbarrierreef , it’s currently nesting season for Green and Loggerhead turtles here and it usually lasts up until March. If you get up bright and early in the morning during this time, you might be lucky enough to see one of these majestic creatures shuffling along the beach to lay their eggs - a truly unforgettable sight to see. Photo: @funtraveltv #thisisqueensland #turtle #nature #greatbarrierreef #ladyelliotisland

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Just when you thought your 2018 bucket list couldn't get any longer! Introducing the Pink Lake near Dimboola in Victoria - it's about four hours' drive from @visitmelbourne , and is easily viewed from the rest stop along the Western Highway. Previously commercially harvested for salt, this extraordinary pink lake has got to be seen to be believed. This salty expanse of wetland takes on a pink colour due to the microscopic algae found in the water. What a sensational sight! Video: @places_worth_going #seeaustralia #visitvictoria #explore #travel #wanderlust

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Have you ever met a flying possum?! Well, there's a first for everything... and it's called a squirrel glider! This precious pint-sized #possum lives at Adelaide Zoo in @southaustralia , although in the wild they're found in @queensland , @visitnsw , Victoria and #southaustralia . We'll let you in on a little secret about these little critters; they're rather aerodynamic, with a specially evolved body shape that allows them to glide up 50 metres through the air from tree to tree. Amazing! Photo: @zoossa #seesouthaustralia #wildlifephotography #travel #explore #wildlife

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