What part of the world are you in?

@cannabis 623

Would your mom rock this on her car?!

@cannabis 79

Hate when that happens. Who knows that feeling?

@cannabis 49

This is how we crack a cold one with the boys!

@cannabis 80

Who’s on the same page! Let’s light them up

@cannabis 67

Tag someone who would install it like this!

@cannabis 156

Have you ever done this? Works every time if need be. Step 1 and 3 are most important. - 1. Use razor blade or sharp knife to cut off the very very bottom of the cellophane on the pack 2. Slide cellophane off very carefully 3. Replace cigarettes with joints 4. Push in the top corners of pack so they are not pointy 5. Blow in cellophane and slide back on pack, working it slowly until it looks like it was never opened

@cannabis 173

We’ve all used that excuse before! What other excuses do you say?

@cannabis 117

We all know what she’s doin when she gets on break! Have you ever had weed taken by the cops?

@cannabis 159

Ain’t that the truth! Who can agree

@cannabis 82

Tag someone you would hot box this with!

@cannabis 244

How do you prefer to medicate?

@cannabis 195

That fanny pack though! Has this ever happened to any of you?

@cannabis 86

Has this ever happened to you?

@cannabis 121

All rooms with the number 420 should follow this hotels lead! do you smoke cannabis in non smoking rooms?

@cannabis 76

I hate when this happens! Good thing I always have one rolled up! Had this ever happened to you?

@cannabis 118

Have any of you ever lit up with your grandma?

@cannabis 152