Congratulations @clraff . Tonight is Claire's testimonial for playing 10 years at @chelsealfc . Such a massive achievement and one in which she should be immensely proud of. You are such a strong, resilient, LOYAL, passionate and caring woman. Im proud to play along side you and call you a true friend. Enjoy your moment xx but you are still a lizard 🦎

@kazcarney 14

Had the absolute pleasure in meeting this beautiful young lady @hayleypea94 who will BEAT cancer. You are an inspiration and such a positive person. Go give cancer the finger x

@kazcarney 19

Had a blast at @littlemix with C!! They can sing and dance unbelievable well.... unlike me excuse the bad Singing but I don't care lol

@kazcarney 3

Had a great day off, chilling ,football , fairground and fireworks back at it tomorrow though ‍️️️#chelsea

@kazcarney 13

Love this pic... I guess the others that were not in this picture are not the vein players in the squad

@kazcarney 12

I think the smile says it all so privileged to play for such a great club and great team

@kazcarney 17