Happy for Bobby. I’m glad it was him and not Jinder. I’m expecting that Ziggler will end up returning next week though probably and bring up that he never lost the US Title which then leads to a match between both him and Roode which is to determine the Undisputed Champion. ----------------------------------------- #bobbyroode #glorious #uschampion #wwe #sdlive #smackdownlive


Remember when the women’s division on SD was actually so good post draft and all the way up to WM33? I miss those times as it is so lifeless currently. The amount of times we have seen 6 women tag matches, two on two tags, and single matches between every combination possible of the Riott Squad vs Charlotte/Becky/Naomi every single week is so tiring and boring. The same goes with RAW with Absolution and Sasha/Mickie/Bayley. The division seriously needs something fresh like a heel turn from Becky to feud with Charlotte or something like that since it’s trash. ----------------------------------------- #rubyriot #livmorgan #sarahlogan #riottsquad #wwe #sdlive

It was crazy seeing Seth do the Curb Stomp out of no where after it was banned for two years. I wonder what happened for it to get unbanned? Either way, I marked out when I saw it. I hope it sticks around and wasn’t just this one time since it’s a much better finisher for him than the weak ass knee one. ----------------------------------------- #sethrollins #kingslayer #thearchitect #curbstomp #blackout #wwe #wweraw

I’m really confused about Paige. The report comes out saying that her in ring career is over but here we are just 3 days later where she’s in her gear and on TV it gets mentioned that she can’t compete in the Rumble match due to a neck injury where that right there can give hope and indicate that her career is not over? Unless they just aren’t saying anything regarding her retirement yet and want to wait until after the Rumble or something. It’s also worth noting that Paige herself mentioned on Lilian’s podcast that her doctor said before her return that she shouldn’t be wrestling again but she ignored that. I don’t know what to make of the whole situation now but it’s just weird. ----------------------------------------- #paige #paigewwe #wwepaige #sarayajadebevis #screamforme #thescreamisback #wwe #wweraw


Braun was honestly the best part about RAW. I could seriously have watched just all 3 hours of just him destroying everything and giving everyone he comes across his hands, which I say that WWE Shop seriously needs to make a shirt with “Get These Hands” on it. I say screw Brock and Kane. Just give this man the Universal Title already. ----------------------------------------- #braunstrowman #monsteramongmen #getthesehands #wwe #wweraw #raw


Anyone who is blaming Sasha for Paige’s career ending is an absolute piece of shit. Paige herself said that she trusted Sasha the most out of everyone else in the ring on Lilian’s podcast, especially when she returned. Unfortunately that time in the ring at that live was an accident that just so happened to end her career. Accidents always happen a lot in wrestling. A few examples of that are obviously Finn’s injury and Cena’s broken nose due to Seth which he didn’t do on purpose. Another one that’s exactly like the Paige situation is Tyson Kidd’s career ending due to the Muscle Buster he took. Joe’s finisher never once injured anyone over a decade of him using the move before that to my knowledge and the one time that happens it unfortunately resulted in a career ending. Bottom line is this. Pro wrestling is choreographed obviously from start to finish, both TV and live events. Wrestlers NEVER ever want to intentionally hurt their co-workers in the ring when following a script. If one happens then of course the person who caused it will automatically feel terrible about it which Sasha definitely feels that way I assume. Injuries are bound to happen from time to time which unfortunately is the price to pay when being a professional wrestler. Instead of being an asshole in sending Sasha all the unnecessary hate and making her feel even more terrible than she already is, people should be sending Paige a lot of love. Leave Sasha alone already and stop the hate. ----------------------------------------- #sashabanks #legitboss #theboss #paige #paigewwe #wwepaige #wwe #wweraw

The news about Paige and her in ring career ending is so heartbreaking. She just came back not long ago after the long road of recovery with her neck and was just getting started in having her career back on track where she wanted to be. Wrestling is in her blood and always has been her whole entire life. To see her have to hang it up and call it quits after an unfortunate incident is sad. What’s even sadder though is the fact that she’s only 25 years old too. I hope that WWE finds a good non-wrestler role for her so that she to still be around the business that she loves. She would be great for anything. ----------------------------------------- #paige #paigewwe #wwepaige #sarayajadebevis #thisismyhouse #thankyoupaige #wwe #wweraw #raw

I’ve probably said it before but I really miss SmackDown post draft and all throughout the rest of 2016. That’s when the show was at it’s best and peak during that time. I still enjoy seeing my favorites weekly but I sure do miss the days when it was really good. ----------------------------------------- #ajstyles #phenomenal #phenomenalone #wwechampion #wwe #sdlive

I’ve never really been a big fan of Mojo or did I care for him much as I thought the whole hype thing was annoying but I’ve been really digging him as a heel lately. He’s stepped up a lot and has become really good. He’s also shown that he’s much better as one, especially with the Twitter promo that he did in his car. ----------------------------------------- #mojorawley #wwe #sdlive #smackdown

I’m so happy and glad that them teaming up last week wasn’t just a one time thing for them. I hope that them being together is for the long run right now. I honestly would love to see them all go heel eventually. On another note, I know that they were OG’s too of the BC but I’m really surprised that both Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale’s were name dropped on WWE TV. ----------------------------------------- #finnbalor #karlanderson #lukegallows #balorclub #bulletclub #toosweet #wwe

I re-watched Jericho vs Omega from the AXS TV airing and it was even better the second time around. This match exceeded my expectations and definitely did not disappoint. I loved how it started off slow and WWE style but then how it eventually went heavy into an all NJPW style. The No DQ stipulation really helped out and made the match even better. Jericho’s heel work in building up the match and then in the match itself was tremendous. He’s hands down the best heel in all of wrestling. I like that this match wasn’t just a one time thing with Jericho working for NJPW. I’m really looking forward to him eventually facing off with Tetsuya Naito after attacking him at New Years Dash. That will definitely be a good match too. ----------------------------------------- #chrisjericho #kennyomega #alphavsomega #njpw #wrestlekingdom #wrestlekingdom12 #wk12

I’m calling it now. Shane will eventually end up inserting himself into the title match at the Rumble in making it a fatal 4 way so that it can even the odds for AJ and him having a chance to retain. Plus he’s still been heavily involved in the storyline with Kevin and Sami so it makes sense for him to. It also will add even more tension between Shane and Daniel to the point where they will face off at WrestleMania which I’m not so sure due to Daniel not being cleared, unless he is and WWE is just being really good at hiding it. ----------------------------------------- #samizayn #kevinowens #ajstyles #danielbryan #shanemcmahon #wwe #sdlive #smackdownlive