She Is A Ballet Souls shimmer a petal pink Tears are diamond dust Hair the sun Legs of power These goddesses A ballet of strength, beauty and tenderness. . Photo by @keatonhanson

Day // Seven // #elevateyourshape // Perseverance // Find flight. Take creative risks. Push yourself from confines and into the boundless realms of the beautiful and unexpected. // Show us your inner spirit and feel free to elaborate and creatively express your jumping shape in any way, or even try your shape grounded. // Follow & tag all hosts in your posts: @benditlikebay @abanna_yoga_art @mirajfindingbalance @clarissa_mae_ @michelle_yogogirls (special guest!) @shiniyogi (bonus day) // Follow & tag all sponsors: @innerbloomyoga @arthleticwear @yeswevibe @celsiusofficial // Be sure to tag some friends to join you!! .


I Have Two Voices. One soaring and bursting with energy, wanting to control and hold onto every second of life. The other open hearted, relinquishing control and letting the universe take me where I should land. Jacket by @voiceofinsiders

I started playing with #scorpion to float back. I usually go from a straight handstand but I found that this gives me a little more balance and the ability to float down slower. Give it a try! . Headed to @yogasix now to have my 800T1 kicked by @danielletridenti


#elevateyourshape ▪️ January 11-19. . Join @clarissa_mae_ Now!! for a fun shape challenge! Celebrating how our magnificent bodies can create stunning and often poetic shapes. . . We can't wait to share some of our favorite shapes with you!! We've been inspired by some incredible shape makers & excited to create some EPIC body art with you! Follow & tag all hosts in your posts: @benditlikebay @abanna_yoga_art @mirajfindingbalance @clarissa_mae_ @shiniyogi @michelle_yogogirls (special guest!)⭐️ . Follow & tag all sponsors: @innerbloomyoga @arthleticwear @yeswevibe @celsiusofficial . . . Be sure to repost the flyer & tag some friends to join you!! .


Are You Willing To Fall? . Crashing awakens the soul. It opens spaces in your mind and heart. It shocks, it creates clarity, it inspires determination. Never let fear hinder you from taking the first step, and find true resilience in your faIl-ures. . Jacket by @voiceofinsiders

Home enjoying the warmth of my cocoon, thinking of staying until the spring thaw.


I spent my last morning in @tulummexico having a delicious egg benedict breakfast, running along the beach, climbing a coconut tree, getting naked and pretending to be a butterfly. I don’t think I shocked any locals but maybe a tourist or two. . . Photo by @keatonhanson

Walking down the beach in Mexico, I noticed a couple: the woman was laying her head in her partner’s lap, reading a book. I found myself a bit envious and thought, “I wish I could do that. Why can’t I just kick back and relax?” Then I realized, I love what my body is capable of, I love finding magical spots to capture in photos, and I love the eating anything I want to eat knowing I can turn those calories into muscle! . What's your favorite getaway activity?

May you also be so lucky as to have birds fly out of your butt! . This video is 100% real. I heard my BF @keatonhanson yell “Go! Go! Go! There’s Birds!” . I had just fallen on his head and kinda hurt him, but he was still willing to get the shot. I didn’t even realize how funny it turned out until later that night. . When you live an adventurous life, have willing friends and lots of joy, serendipitous things are bound to happen! Play, create, travel, share and always be nice and friendly! . Happy Newd Year! Wishing you an epic 2018!

Live a life filled with passion and creativity. . . I just thought I’d talk a little about my art. It seems that I have no problem baring my body but in truth every time I decide to share one of these images I think very hard about the implications in society and my personal life. It’s gotten easier but it always feels a little strange before I post one of them. I don’t feel there’s anything wrong with being nude but it can sometimes make me feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of it being myself in the image. I share these because I look at them as part of a story I’m trying to convey. To me my body is just shape and form. It’s only a piece of who I am. . Photo by @keatonhanson Kaftan by @margitreydon

My Natural Habitat. I think I like to climb so much because I’m so small and love viewing the world from different heights and perspectives. Who else likes to get High? . . Photo by @keatonhanson .