Money can’t buy you taste or muscles... but it can certainly buy you this 4x4 that takes all the attention away from the lack of muscles... as far as the taste goes: eat my dick :p #unitedcarnation #ucn @thesvipe

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I’ve always said “I LOVE BEING DOWN AND HITTING ROCK BOTTOM. BECAUSE WHEN YOU DO... UP IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO”. Started a company recently that got me like still has a trillion miles ahead to go, but it’s important to aknowlege our “smaller wins too” as per @rodnavarro #unitedcarnation #ucn

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It ain’t easy breaking into the entertainment industry, so we decided to give Tata (@pablosnuts ) a little help with a free templete and an hour of @hititpedro ‘s time! She’ll soon be the most successful squirrel in the world: ain’t that nuts!?!? ️️️ @thesvipe

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A MESSAGE TO ALL THE PARENTS THAT: - told their kids I was a bad influence - said I was too lazy - told me I was never gonna amount to anything... Well, my squirrel is about to get a ride in my 720s... how you doing? @thesvipe

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Here’s one for all the dudes with all them motivational pages. Cheers on the ballsack @thesvipe

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SEE YOU TOMORROW AT GALPIN! (For more details check out my story, but I’m bringing this, the CGT, the 4x4, and the 720s!). Hide yo boners! @thesvipe

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INCOMING!! Thanks to my mega dude Mr. Brian Miller from @manhattanmotorcars for getting me the beast I wanted! After knowing about Mr Miller’s business for over 12 years (i lived in NY, first exotic dealer I ever visited there)... I can’t believe I got a car from you :) THANK YOU and all the fam there! PERFORMANTE BITCHES!!! And yes, not once I asked lambo for one of these so the hookup is massively appreciated! @thesvipe

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