1. Still haven’t cut my hair 2. I’ve been makin’ so much music with my bros I don’t care about cutting my hair

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Back in LA to see my family ️ what a crazy month it’s been.

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Playing Madison Square Garden with my bros tomorrow. Probably not sleeping at all tonight life is nuts.

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Happy Birthday Corbs! You my friend, are a one of a kind dude that I’m so happy to have crossed paths with. You’re so positive and always see the good in everyone and everything and I really look up to you for that. Thanks for being such a good friend and I hope you have the best birthday yet cause you deserve it mate. Love u nerd

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Happy Thanksgiving! Just wanted take a sec to thank all of you reading this for everything you’ve done for me and the guys. A year back, when Why Don’t We first came together, we hoped, but didn’t expect the things that are happening now. We just started creating. Any chance we had, we used it to write or perform or do whatever we could to keep making music. And that’s where you all come in. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t still be creating, and doing shows - we wouldn’t even be Why Don’t We. Making music for the rest of our lives has been our biggest dream, and you guys literally have made it come true for us. Words will never be able to describe the experience of watching this all happen, but if you’re reading this, you probably know the exact feeling I’m talking about. It’s pretty magical. So happy thanksgiving and thank you thank you THANK YOU. Love y’all ️

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#awhydontwechristmas is out now! Link in bio • I hope this EP brings you as much joy and as many memories as it brought us making it much love and enjoy!

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