The only people more competitive than me? MY FAMILY. If you want to see me wipe the flow rider floor (literally), check out our Royal #shaycation Part 2 up NOW on #youtubeshay !! 🤷‍️

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Getting excited to redecorate our Amore and Vita Productions office! What do you guys think the decor should be?! #cantstoppinning

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I share my travel, fashion, beauty & kitchen adventures on YouTube. So I’m sending a shout out to #youtube 's #womentowatch who share their passions creatively & without compromise. Check them out: #sponsoredbygoogle

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Oh ya know, just here shooting some more album art with my 4 person wind, camera and backdrop crew

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Monday morning view...not my view but it’s still nice

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So in the spirit of getting me out the door on time, @sammyinla decided she could do my makeup “just as good as a professional” could, so I had to film it check out the full video now on YouTube to see how she did! PS. This was all in good fun, no assistants were harmed in the making of this sassy sarcastic video

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