It was a scorcher of a day and we're more than ready to walk in @jase_hickson 's footsteps from his late arvo dip last night at Glenelg. It looks like this is the only real antidote to today's 40C, but, hey, at least we have our fair share of city beaches to help cool us down. From Glenelg to Henley, West Beach to Grange and Brighton to Seacliff...just to name a few. With these calm, tranquil waters it's the perfect place to hire a kayak or SUP board to celebrate the beginning of the weekend. #seesouthaustralia [Location: a 1hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]

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Seriously, as if Coffin Bay doesn’t already deliver on arguably the best oysters in the country, it’s also a paradise for turquoise, shallow water lovers. With a combination of the two we think spending a day exploring the Coffin Bay National Park with a dozen, local and freshly shucked @purecoffinbayoysters just jumped up to number one spot on our bucket list. From swimming beaches like Almonta Beach, Golden Island Beach to challenging 4WD tracks to Gunyah Beach, Sensation Beach and Point Issaac, Coffin Bay National Park is as remote as you’d want whilst all the creature comforts of @port_lincoln only 40 minutes away…that if you can drag yourself away from these pristine beaches. Thank you to @newportdc for sharing this pic with #seesouthaustralia [Location: 50 minute flight (or 7hr drive) to @port_lincoln from #adelaide in #southaustralia then a 40 minute drive to Coffin Bay National Park]

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There’s no doubting we’re a beach city and we’re pretty sure this pic by @nickalfie of Glenelg shows us why! Sure, we may be biased, but do we get a "hell yeah” when we say South Australia and Adelaide has some of the best beaches in the country? With a Mediterranean climate, plenty of white sandy beaches to cool down on just 15 minutes from the city, marinas, beach bars, seafood restaurants, west-facing sunsets you won’t hear a complaint from us! And from tonight, Glenelg just got a little bit cooler - @moseleybk ’s The Mosely Beach Club…on the beach opens. Coco Loco cocktails on the sun beds anyone? In the distance you’ll notice our beautiful @visitadelaidehills which produce some of the worlds best cool climate wine (did we mention this region is the second largest producer of Grüner Veltliner outside of Austria?). A land truly blessed by the gods! ️#seesouthaustralia [Location: a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]

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There’s no bait, tricks or shows to speak of down here in our South Australian waters. These dolphins are a totally wild encounter with @kimarineadventures over on @authentickangarooisland. After spending time in the water duck diving and swimming amongst a pod of local dolphins, guests on board are always left awestruck after seeing just how playful and interactive they are with their swirls, chatter and friendly frolicking in the crystal-clear, aquamarine waters of Kangaroo Island. The boats @kimarineadventures use don’t have propellers so the dolphins have been seen to ride the wake of the boat, so close you can almost reach out and touch their noses! #seesouthaustralia [Location: a 2hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia , then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]

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One of the best things about watching the @tourdownunder is being able to sip on some of our world famous wines and watch the race go by. With Stage 1 of the men’s @tourdownunder beginning tomorrow, it’s just the first of four stages where wineries are dotted along the course. Talk tactics and drink in the atmosphere at @linfieldroad in the @mybarossa , @hahndorfhillwinery or @ambleside_distillers in the @visitadelaidehills , @hughhamiltonwines or @wirrawirrawines in @mclaren_vale. Not too far from stage 4 and 5 lies the spectacular @coriole winery where the sprawling estate dates back to 1860; with views that stretch from the Onkaparinga Ranges to the east and dramatic coastline to the west enjoy the sights from their restaurant and relax over a long lunch of fresh, local and seasonal produce.#seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #adelaide in #southaustralia , and a 40 minute drive to #mclarenvale on the @officialfleurieupeninsula ]

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Ok lycra lovers! Are you all geared up? The Santos @tourdownunder officially kicks off this weekend hitting first gear in @cityofadelaide. From 16-21 Jan the six stages of the tour will pass through @mybarossa , @mclaren_vale @visitadelaidehills and @officialfleurieupeninsula in an adrenalin fuelled festival of cycling. At this time of year, it's one big qqparty both on an off the bike where the streets of Adelaide come alive with street parties, gourmet galas, multi-storey carpark race climbs, tour village action and of course watching the race from one of the many wineries dotted along the course. Jump on tour to combine the best of cycling, wineries, chocolate and cheese with @velodevines in the hills, or spend the day with cycling legend Stuart O’Grady riding to his favourite locations around Adelaide with @thetailortravel. Check out our top 6 ways to enjoy the #tdu this year. Ready, set...GO! ‍️ [Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]

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It's Foodie Friday and we think @benheide_photography has wine of his mind down here at @patritti_wines. Fridays are all about sipping and savouring our local vino, digging-in to local produce and enjoying the company you keep. With the bustling city lane-way bars, roof top bars, music and market nights it can be sometimes hard to choose exactly where to Foodie Friday. Well tonight, with all the French vibes firing up down on the @adlriverbank you better set your sights on @sofrenchy.sochic. Dig into cheese platters, picnic hampers, fresh oysters, crusty baguettes and of course champagne against the backdrop of le musique cheri! Time to toddle on down, non? 🥖🧀#seesouthaustralia [Location: Just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide ]

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@ashleyallen83 here was enjoying his picnic when he found a new friend in a thirsty little koala just on the city fringe in Fullarton. As the mercury soars to 38C today, don't forget that our wildlife can become very vulnerable and in need of some water just like us. Whilst wild animals shouldn't normally be approached you can always tell when they're in distress and need a helping hand. We think @ashleyallen83 intervened like a pro here, and this little fella didn't mind a bit. #seesouthaustralia [Location: Just a 1hr flight from Melbourne to #adelaide ]

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We can't really think of a better vantage point to watch the sun go down on the @eyrepeninsula than right here can you? As @harvinho_photo discovered, the shallow, tropical looking waters of Thistle Island is THE place to make some great holiday memories, whether you’re out on the water with @calypsostarcharters or @adventurebaycharters swimming with the local sealions, dangling a fishing line over the edge or tucking into this region’s mouth-watering array of fresh seafood and wine. Just go with the flow and leave your watch at home, people… You’re now running on 'island time.' #seesouthaustralia [Location: Just a 50 minute flight from #adelaide to @port_lincoln and a short private boat ride to #thistleisland ]

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With water this clear, this blue and this warm, we’re tempted to dive right in to a digital detox and dig out the 'gone to the beach' sign. But we’re afraid you’re going to have to take one for the team this time! Well, at least that’s what @joshuaahuggett did when he spent his summer holidays in a van by the sea. If you need a different slice of paradise to change up the scenery, mosey onboard the @sealink ferry and hop across the ditch to @authentickangarooisland. From east to west, north to south you'll find beach after beach to while away your lazy summer days. Check out our story above for our top 5 beaches on the @officialfleuriuepeninsula and start planning how you’re going to spend the next few days above 30C ️. #seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #adelaide , #southaustralia then a 1.5 minute drive to #rapidbay ]

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According to @jesse_ehlers : “running back to the line up before the sun disappears after getting an epic wave would have to be one of the best moments in surfing”. It’s hard to disagree with that sort of sentiment here at Knights Beach in Port Elliot, where bodyboarders are set to snag plenty more golden moments of their own over the summer months. The peeling waves off the rocky point along this beautiful stretch of @officialfleurieupeninsula are revered by wave riders and crash onto glowing sands just a stone’s throw from the tranquil shores of Horseshoe Bay. Further south lies a protected paradise, the Coorong National Park. With 130 km’s of pristine coastline, sand dunes, indigenous history and places to kyak, boat, bird watch, fish and four-wheel drive it’s an explorer’s utopia. Journey with @thetailortravel ’s coorong beach luxury day tour for fine dining on the beach, your own open top Jeep Wrangler and stories of significance to the local aboriginal culture. #seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia , then a 1.5hr drive to Port Elliot and the Coorong ]​

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New years resolution: experience a part of South Australia you never have before, deal? Let's start close to home here at Port Willunga which is just a stones throw from some of the best grenache grape growing vines in the country... @mclaren_vale. This stretch of unspoilt coast is an ideal base to set up camp for a few nights to slurp and savour your way around the local cellar doors, stroll through historical towns, go foraging in the nearby forests and of course to snag the best seat in the house for the Stage 5 of the @tourdownunder (13-21 Jan). The much loved King of the Mountain Climb will be in full swing from the morning of 20 Jan, so pack your lycras and pitch your tent at @big4portwillunga... it's 2018! ️️ #seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 1 hr flight from Melbourne to #adelaide , #southaustralia then a 40 minute drive from Adelaide to @officialfleurieupeninsula ]

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Welcome to 2018, everyone! We’re kicking off the New Year in the pristine waters of @authentickangarooisland ’s north coast with @nikkiki73 and @kimarineadventures ! It’s hard to think of a better way to play it than hanging out here in the sun and taking a dip with the locals! It’s not unusual to see pods of up to 100 dolphins in these parts – and they’re only too happy to show off their dexterity, swirling and dancing around the minute you hit these crystal-clear waters. With the sun beaming down and the kids on holidays, it’s prime time to create some great family memories after laying down those New Year’s resolutions. Don’t forget to share your summer snaps by hashtagging #seesouthaustralia – and remember to pack extra batteries for your Go Pros, folks! [Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry to Kangaroo Island ]

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It’s been a BIG year – and we’d like to thank each and every one of YOU for your amazing support on Instagram. We’ve loved seeing all your stunning snaps of our amazing landscapes, food, wildlife and wine – all the way from the city to the sea. From outback to river and vineyards to beaches, we wish all of our followers a happy, safe and healthy New Year! What are the top spots on your #seesouthaustralia travel list in 2018? Photo: @sinhasougata in Elder Park. [Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]

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And finally, HERE IT IS! Our NUMBER ONE Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Congratulations to Charelle Baker for delivering this beauty back in April! Our caption back then read: “Ahhhh… can’t you just feel that outback sunshine? Charelle Baker spotted little Ruby the kangaroo soaking in the rays at Lake Gairdner the other day and snapped the moment perfectly! This 5 month old is one of two orphaned joeys being cared for by the team at @mountivestation - and word has it they both love the company of guests! Here in the heart of @eyrepeninsula ’s Gawler Ranges this pastoral sheep station has been operating since 1864, and with plenty of 4WD tracks to explore by day you’ll sleep well by night - either camping under a canopy of stars or in the comfy digs of the property’s Stone Rooms and Shearer’s Quarters. #seesouthaustralia ️ [Location: a 2hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia , then a 6 hour drive to Mt Ive Station ]​”

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Introducing our 2nd Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Our caption back in November read: “They’re finally blooming! With a later than average start, and summer almost here, we’re now seeing a BIG burst of colour in Adelaide’s streets with Jacarandas painting their purple haze right across the city and suburbs. When @travel_stamps spotted this stunning scene in Blair Athol, just a short drive from town she couldn’t have timed it any better. While Wakefield Street and LeFevre Terrace in North Adelaide are well known inner-city hotspots, you’ll also find plenty more places to get your colour fix in the suburbs of Dulwich, Prospect, Burnside, Mitcham, Toorak Gardens, Cumberland Park and Unley - including side streets along Fullarton Road (between Greenhill and Cross Roads). Time to prime your cameras, people! #seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]​”

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Introducing our 3rd Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Our caption back in November read: “Now for a little break in the weather... There’s really nothing like a good Summer storm, and we’re guessing @benheide_photography didn’t need any extra coffee to jolt him into gear after capturing this awesome lightning strike over Brighton a little while back! With another storm (of cricket!) set to hit @adelaideoval on Saturday, it’ll be a couple of restless nights under the doona for those heading along – in what’s shaping up to be a blockbuster of epic proportions! ️#seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 2hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia ]​”

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Introducing our 4th Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Our caption earlier this month read: “Not sure about you, but we didn’t move too far today... Way too busy hanging out in paradise with @koleha at Greenly Beach in @eyrepeninsula ! With miles of stunning beaches in all directions, this region is like one giant oceanic playground – with a literal smorgasbord of seafood to feast on in between pit stops. Can you throw us a towel? #seesouthaustralia [Location: 50 minute flight (or 7hr drive) to @port_lincoln from #adelaide in #southaustralia ]”

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Introducing our 5th Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Our caption back in February read: “Instagram is probably about to break with the amount of incredible snaps of tonight's sunset! Can you see why?! No filter needed in #southaustralia ! Thank you for sharing this capture @madeleinekate93 Henley Beach #seesouthaustralia [Location: just 2 hrs flight from Sydney to #adelaide – then a hop skip and a jump to #henleybeach ]

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Introducing our 6th Most Popular Instagram Post of 2017! Our caption back in May read: “Nah mate, not moving…” You’ll always need to be extra careful when driving the roads of @authentickangarooisland , as @vicki_freer_photography recently discovered. This guy doesn’t seem in any particular hurry, and hey... if we all slept 20 hours a day like he does, we probably wouldn’t be either! Just like the platypus and Ringtail possum, the koala is actually an introduced species here on KI – but it’s numbers have exploded in recent years, so you’re more likely to see one in the wild here than on the mainland! #seesouthaustralia [Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #adelaide in #southaustralia – then a 35 minute flight (or 2.5hrs drive/ferry) to Kangaroo Island ]”

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