From one Mercedes Benz to another, I’m off on a little break out of London courtesy of @mercedesbenzuk. Who can guess what I’m behind the wheel of? (Video coming soon) And also, did you catch my brothers new car collection last night on my YouTube channel? Link in my bio now if not! #tgetv #mercedesbenz

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NEW VIDEO LIVE! Collecting my brothers new car... Hit the link in my bio now or search ‘TGE TV’ in Youtube. Congrats @je_ldnm & massive thanks to @paintkillers for the epic work (you’ve got to see what they’ve done), & @deanredline for another faultless purchase! Pic @james_mk2 BLESS UP #tgetv

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It’s a monstrosity, & I like it. Excited to see these doing laps of Harrods. Leave an emoji below with what you think of the McLaren ‘p15’ Senna If I could afford it & was allowed one, I would have one. #tgetv #mclarenp15 #p15 #mclarensenna

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NEW VIDEO LIVE - WINDING UP THE PUBLIC IN MY AVENTADOR S (This photo is irrelevant however - my day today was spent checking out some @rollsroycecars Black Badges. More on this soon...) Link in my bio #tgetv

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#ferrarifriday . Sort of. First snap of my Aventador S on the road a couple of weeks ago driving it out of the dealership. Finally understand the love for these cars; having been lucky enough to drive some silly metal over the past couple of years - I can vouch that nothing I’ve driven so far comes close to the experience this thing provides. It’s chaos on wheels. Love it way more than I even thought I would. If on the fence about getting one - do it. 6.5L rear engine V12s days are numbered. Finished work for the week now & am genuinely excited to hoon it about all weekend. Stay tuned... #tgetv @dannyv.rpm #lamborghini #aventadors

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Probably going to have a fair bit of time off work during December. Where shall I go & what videos should I make? And yes, I now have a camera of my own, finally. Much vlogs soon come. New video last night btw. #tgetv

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NEW VIDEO LIVE! Congrats to my childhood friend @v88tnt for his new 911 GT3- from riding around with @je_ldnm as scrotes on bikes as kids, to this, always love seeing friends smashing it. Well played pal Best spec GT3 out there? Hit the link in my bio for the collection video now & drop him a follow #tgetv #wholeteamwinning #911 #911gt3 #991gt3 #porsche

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Congrats to this idiot for getting his YouTube 100k plaque thing. Leave some video suggestions below with what you want to see filmed next! Some ridiculous stuff coming to my channel anyway, that may or may not feature the Stay tuned... This photo here was from our infamous ‘drive thru day’ #tgetv #youtubemoney #enzo #mclarenp1

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Taken advantage of the @ldn_muscle Black Friday silliness yet? Use code LDNMBF15 on LDNM Apparel & Guides, & up to 50% off LDNM Supplements today only with code BLACKFRIDAY. The swipe up jazz is in mine & @ldn_muscle stories. Get in the pot while stocks last! Tag me when it turns up! #tgetv #raaaaaaaah

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