NEW VIDEO LIVE! Reviewed the G63, got kicked out of Tesco, bought some Squashies, juggled, & exposed my bum 3 times Seriously. Fml. Link in my bio or search TGE TV on YouTube now #tgetv Thank you/sorry @mercedesbenzuk

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Loving GTI life so far, who wants a video with it? My next video drops tomorrow btw - 6pm! (Me getting thrown out of Tesco. Seriously ) #tgetv @dannyv.rpm

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Caught up with last nights chaotic, mushroom & G Wagon filled video yet? Link to watch now in my bio! #tgetv

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Currently off up north with this idiot for a VERY stupid video or two Involves a hypercar. Stay tuned... Next new video drops tomorrow night; 6pm! Link to my channel in bio #tgetv #rs3 #audi #liveupload

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Rolling into the weekend like... THIS VIDEO DROPS SUNDAY NIGHT! Link to channel in my bio Driving a hypercar on the road tomorrow too; keep your eyes peeled to the news. Chaos predicted. #tgetv

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Muddy hilarious day with a gaggle of @mercedesbenzuk G-Class, & some familiar YouTube faces. Absolutely AMAZED what these icons are capable of & made me miss mine so much. I won muddiest car award with this offering at close of play. Also missing some bits off the front now. Was brand new... Lols. Whoops. Video dropping Sunday - do not miss this one! #tgetv #liveupload

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Hi all. Some of you may be aware there's been a petty Instagram 'spat' between myself & someone many of you will know. If you don't know, or care, then you don't need to continue reading. For those of you that are aware or care, I'm posting this to put this boring topic to rest. There is no issue between myself & the individual. That said, during the brief period of our supposed differences, I was predictably antagonistic, & didn't deal with it in a particularly sensible, fair or mature manner. For that, I'm more than happy to apologise. Any misunderstandings stemmed from various pot stirrers. Which I then subsequently didn't help, & nor did various others, fanning the flames with comments all over the gaff. All a storm in a teacup however, & pleased to report business as usual here-forth. This is now put to bed & will delete & ignore any further references on any of it. It's boring for us both. This is only social media but I think it's still fair I put this post up & important in life to admit when you've been a bit of a bell. Anyhoo, a G63 arrives at some point today for me, & possibly @archiehamiltonracing too. Expect chaos. Aventador S soon come also, in a week or so ish. Bless up. @zakusowicz #tgetv #publicserviceannouncement #rah

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Hilarious day today, & actually very surprising. It began yesterday with a mystery flight out to Palma, at one point I was left thinking I had been kidnapped. Lots of blindfold action the past 24 hours. All will be revealed in a few weeks what I've been doing! In the meantime; my Instagram stories are fairly ridiculous. Go have a nosey. Back in London tomorrow. Bye. #tgetv

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I'm somewhere near Majorca, have been woken up at silly o'clock, been given a blindfold & about to get bundled into a van. Quickly snapped this pic without anyone seeing. Genuinely have no idea what's going on. On my life I have no clue. This could go well or it could go wrong. Stay tuned... #tgetv #liveupload #help

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Afternoon off work, as I'm Mallorca bound for some top secret business (I don't even know yet!) Guesses welcome. Stay tuned... #tgetv

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