BE SURE TO STOP RUNNING THIS RACE, LOOK AROUND, TAKE A DEEP BREATHE, AND ASK YOURSELF “WHY YOU ARE RUNNING?” Before taking the next step. First step towards mental freedom #svipe

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NUNU!!!!! ️️️️ ️️

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Don't try to be different, just be you... but if YOU sucks, then just get a highlighter yellow tiger stripped 4x4! #svipe@rdbla

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Working with the right people is extremely important, but make sure it's THE RIGHT PEOPLE, people who bring value, people who are 100% necessary... otherwise you're gonna have a bad time #svipe @salomondrin

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SVIPE ️ FOR PART 2 Please please don't make this mistake 🤗 #svipe

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New video for my sexy mofos who want to learn: HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY INVEST $1,000 USD! Link in bio: @thesvipe

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New video: The WORST INVESTMENT I've made! Hope it helps you avoid it Link: @thesvipe

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You sexy mofos, I'm truly humbled by the reaction the last SVIPE video had! Thank you as always for watching, but most importantly, it's an honor to do this for you #svipe

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New video coming up! Just dealing with my lame ass internet speeds! #svipe "EASY STEPS FOR YOU TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB"

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Tell me I can't do something, and like a 4 year old, ima go do it simply because i fucking want to! #svipe

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With these the entire ride is equally as satisfying as arriving to your destination #svipe #pov

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If you've been doing the same thing for a long time, you might be already too late to notice you were left behind. Attention spans are getting shorter and change is happening too fast. The fastest to react will always win. Embrace change! #svipe

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Don't ever doubt my parking skills, specially since it's the only skill I got (kinda). #svipe

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Second #svipe video coming out manana! I'm making this post, so I can't get out of it! Hahahaha sorry I still need these posts!

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Create, don't just aggregate is one of this world's most important new rules #svipe

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