SVIPE ➡️ FOR PART 2 Please please don't make this mistake 🤗 #svipe

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New video for my sexy mofos who want to learn: HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY INVEST $1,000 USD! Link in bio: @thesvipe

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New video: The WORST INVESTMENT I've made! Hope it helps you avoid it Link: @thesvipe

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You sexy mofos, I'm truly humbled by the reaction the last SVIPE video had! Thank you as always for watching, but most importantly, it's an honor to do this for you #svipe ❤️

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New video coming up! Just dealing with my lame ass internet speeds! #svipe "EASY STEPS FOR YOU TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB"

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Tell me I can't do something, and like a 4 year old, ima go do it simply because i fucking want to! #svipe

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With these the entire ride is equally as satisfying as arriving to your destination #svipe #pov

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If you've been doing the same thing for a long time, you might be already too late to notice you were left behind. Attention spans are getting shorter and change is happening too fast. The fastest to react will always win. Embrace change! #svipe

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Don't ever doubt my parking skills, specially since it's the only skill I got (kinda). #svipe

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Second #svipe video coming out manana! I'm making this post, so I can't get out of it! Hahahaha sorry I still need these posts!

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Create, don't just aggregate is one of this world's most important new rules #svipe

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Just started THE SVIPE channel on YouTube. I wanna talk to you guys about life, what moves us forward, how to find one self, and more! Not car related, just life! Hope you guys like it. First video coming 2nite kids! (This way I have to upload hahaha). #svipe Link in bio: @farshadtehrani

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LETS WORK TOWARDS HAPPINESS TODAY! Whenever you catch yourself doing something you enjoy, make sure you focus 100% on that for just a few minutes and see how that makes you feel. Distractions don't allow us to enjoy the moment. Once you're able to enjoy these smaller moments more and more... you're bound to feel happiness in ways you've never experienced before! This is a shortcut to becoming happier without changing almost anything in your day ;) #svipe #getyours

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SUCCESS ISN'T RELATED TO MONEY. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Success is finding purpose and living it, no matter the result! Start your week by doing something that makes you happy, work every day towards your "purpose" and the rest will come. #svipe

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Most of us were taught pursuing our dreams is dumb, to just get a job, marry at 20, have a family by 25, and make enough money to keep your family afloat while you drown in regret for the rest of your life... this is the way our parents were taught for the most part, but we live in a world where information is available to most of us instantly! That is not the way to live! I am not here to tell you to quit your job, and go become a drummer... but I encourage you to pursue your passion, whatever it is that you love doing, and spend some time on it (specially during your "free time"). Even if that time is your "winding down time", making whatever you love and/or interests you a part of your weekly routine and at some point it will spark an opportunity in that field. (Yes... that's how you start going places). Life is here to be taken by the balls, are you gonna squeeze those puppies and get yours!? Or are you gonna just gonna run a marathon without knowing why you're even running it in the first place!? #getyours #svipe

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