Great first day out in Barbados️ @oliverjameswebb & I hit the beach, had a meeting, went to Chefette (Barbados McDonald’s) and then watched some of the ‘Festival of Speed’ warm ups whilst the sun set️ All in today’s vlog going live at 5pm #barbados #flipflopweather

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This is top of my Christmas List Full size, fully working 200mph Nissan GT-R/C The world’s first remote control Nissan GTR....controlled from a PlayStation controller! One of the maddest experiences. I got to drive it #best #toy #ever #nissan

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Got my camera🤓 Let’s head off and film a Lamborghini Update video

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The steering wheel of heaven I apologise for any lack of ‘Lambo Updates’ etc with tonight’s video dropping...but the R8 is a car I’m seriously considering when I finally get a place to live

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Getting some roadtrip withdrawal symptoms Where should we go next?

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I’ve talked about running costs, roadtrip costs...but never how much I bought and sold cars for Guess which car I lost the most money on! Video Live at 5pm

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